iOS App Slowdown & Lag

(Emily Jones) #248

Just tried out the new update. Noticeably improved :+1: Great stuff!

(Hugh Scantlebury) #249

What did I do?


So happy to have Monzo back up to speed again - well done

HSBC APP DELETED :slight_smile:


I’m noticing the app is getting laggy again.

Anyone else notice this?

Nowhere near as bad as before but it’s slower again in general for me.

Taking longer to load the app and flicking through pots is slow again. Payments is also taking longer than when it was first updated to open.

(👨‍💻) #252

I’ve had more issues with the Monzo app today. The app crashed 3 -4 times while scrolling through my feed. I reinstalled the app but unfortunately within minutes of using it, it crashed again.

Perhaps I’m the only one having this issue.


You’re not. I’ve had quite a few crashes the past week. It’s slower since the last update too. The update, sped everything up but it’s noticiably slower now since then.

(👨‍💻) #254

Possibly an older iPhone issue?
I’m using a 6s

(Is Santa here yet?) #255

I’m on a 5s and haven’t seen a problem

Slightly slower than last week perhaps but no crashes


I haven’t been able to open the app all evening, just crash after crash. Currently in the process of deleting and re downloading the app.

This is getting beyond the joke now.


So, I redownload the app, enter my email address to log in, click on the magic link sent to my email address, it then opens the app and asks for my email address all over again. Done this several times now on a loop. Can’t get in.


Finally got back in after an hour and a half deleting the app and trying to use the magic link sent in the email.

It’s now 0100 in the morning, and I’ve been trying to check my balance since I downloaded the latest update this afternoon from app Store.

Update 3:

0110 The app is crashing yet again when I’m trying to open it. It had previously shown me my balance. Pissed off doesn’t come close to how I’m feeling right now. Wish I could upload a video video on here and show you lot.

(Gareth) #257

Then either upload to here or YouTube?

(Jack) #258

You could have used until your issue was resolved.

Hopefully the app login issue settles down. You can always email if you’re having issues.


Didn’t think of this. Thanks though.


Can’t upload the screen video I did on here. It basically shows the app crashing repeatedly, despite me using mobile data and my broadband.

(👨‍💻) #261

Is Monzo the only app that you’re having issues with?

You could try restoring iOS. I often do it through iTunes if I get these types of issues.


Yep, it’s the only app with issues.

(👨‍💻) #263

What version of iOS are you running?




I still haven’t been able to use the app in several weeks now. Just crashes when I tap the app. I finally got an email from and they said turn off IFTTT triggers as they thought that it was conflicting with the app. Done this and nothing!

They then asked me to delete the app and redownload it, which I have done several times :roll_eyes:

I was then asked to delete the app, turn my phone off and on and re download the app. It was sure to work, yeah, did nothing. I’ve not had another email from them since, which was a wk ago.

I reset the app, get in, close the app, and try and re open and it crashes over and over. If I want to use the app, this is what I have to do, using a magic link every single time which is sent to my email. Cannot tell you how frustrated I am.

Latest update the App Store and iOS 12.1 for anyone thinking they might be able to help.

(Andy) #266

Have you tried a reset all iOS settings in case it’s a corrupt settings file on the iOS OS itself? Settings - General - Reset - Reset all settings


Yep, tried that (after I believe it may have been you?) a suggestion before. Just done it again. Still no joy. Really don’t know what is going on. Monzo have stopped emailing, I can’t chat in app and the Monzo Twitter team have referred me to engineering, but heard nothing from them.