Incoming payments - what day should they appear?

I’m completely new to monzo, I used to use N26 but after having issues with 3 different cards going to swipe and sign payments I stopped using N26 and moved to monzo.

I changed my payment details to monzo. I am due to be paid (officially) thursday but on monzo it should come 4pm tomorrow (wedneday), right?

I haven’t had any notification about any incoming payments, but I thought monzo tells you that an incoming payment is coming? Or will it show up tomorrow?


In theory yes.

Did you change your payment to Monzo or are you letting it forward from the old account?

It should appear greyed out at around 1pm tomorrow if it’s a BACS payment.

When it appears, you can click on it to get paid early

Well, after 4pm you can, not when it appears

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