Salary notification

Hi everyone
I get paid on Monday so should get it at 4pm today.
My app doesn’t show an incoming payment notification, will it be at dead on 4pm or should it show now? Thanks

Wait until around 9ish, that’s usually the earliest that payments for the next working day will appear.


So glad to see someone else with the same question as me this is my first salary in and started to worry my employer had the wrong details. Thanks for the answer

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Thanks very much for asking the question it’s my first time with the sallery going in and I was thinking the same!

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from 8.30 onwards once for me their was a delay and it was dinner time


I take it once it shows on the feed then you can opt into the pay early feature ?

At 4pm you drag the wallet and release your cash :moneybag::pound: you’ll no what I mean when you’ve done it :rofl:

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Am i being silly or confused lol, I have just got the notification to say my salary is coming ! but im confused it says 3 days from now, im due to be paid on Monday, does that mean i can still withdraw today? or will it be Monday

Yes, you can still withdraw today at 4pm. Only working days count for Bacs, so if you were due to be paid on Tuesday and Monday was a bank holiday, you would also be able to see and claim the money on the Friday.


wow thanks very much, this is crazy and a very good idea!

To simplify.

0900 ish - a feed item appears telling you’re going to be paid the next working day
1600ish - a feed item appears telling you you can grab it early (or you can click on the greyed out feed item above)


Have you received your notification?

Yep, really good feature and looking forward to getting PAID!

Sorry this might be a silly question, in regards to early salary payments do automated standing orders that are also done over a 3 day period allow me to take advantage of this feature.

Update : My notification came up at around 850 am showing my salary, the amount and saying I can have the money at 4pm. My official payday is Monday

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Hi @PAPS :wave:

The ‘Get Paid Early’ feature will only work with incoming BACS payments :+1:t2:

:man_facepalming:t6::ok_man:t6: a great feature I unfortunately have to miss out on, thank you for your response

I’m still awaiting the feed entry for the incoming amount. I’m hoping it turns up at 4, else it means payroll may have messed up

Does nothing show up at all?

I’m having the same issue usually I can see my payment by now and have a choice to get it early around 4pm but it’s not even showing next payment, I wonder what’s wrong ?