Get Paid early Help

I’ve given my employer my new bank details. I’m due to be paid tomorrow but I don’t see any greyed out area about getting it early

It should appear around 4pm :+1:

Generally shows up before 10am for me, never seen it before 9am!

Mine was showing from around 8.40 this morning. @Dandansoy are you definitely paid by BACS?


I get paid by BACS and mines not showing this morning either.

I wonder if they’re processed in batches rather than as a whole? :open_mouth:

Ah don’t know why I thought it appeared so late !

I’m being paid by BACS scheduled for tomorrow, it tends to appear in the my feed some time today, never at a specific time I don’t think

I’m curious to know if your BACS payment is showing in your feed already for tomorrow?

Nope nothing as of yet

Fair enough!

I thought all BACS would be processed at the same time but it does appear to be some sort of “batching” system being used.

My BACS payment for tomorrow is showing now :slight_smile: Counting down until 4pm when I can get it :smiley:

Bacs payment still not showing as pending. Always has done by now and confirmed with HR that the payment has been made. What’s the latest point it starts showing?

Update : no word on the payment. My payslip shows BACS so I don’t know what’s going on

There have been (2?) forum members who in the past said they also had BACS clearly shown on their payslips - but were instead paid via Faster Payments.

Is this the first time you are expecting the ‘BACS’ payment to be paid into your Monzo account?

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From this employer yes

Thanks. So when the payment does land (early or as expected), tap on the transaction and…

  • If you have an entry showing '‘Send money to…[Payee name]’ then you have been paid via Faster Payments
  • If you don’t have the ‘Send money to…’ entry, you have been paid via BACS

If you are paid via FP, the transaction send is instant and so Monzo receives it instantly, but has no warning it is coming.
If you are paid via BACS, the transaction is sent a few days before the actual pay date and so Monzo is alerted to the incoming payment in advance. On trust, Monzo then let you claim the incoming payment a day early (at 4pm on the day before it was timed to land)

My old job did this BACS on payslip but faster payments is used, it’s pretty common.
You’ll see on your payday if it’s FP.

Mine actually arrived as a faster payment on this date, for the first time ever!

This is despite my payslip actually showing as BACS.

I hope this was the same for you @Dandansoy

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Thanks for the update. The important result is that it arrived, regardless of method - :sweat: turned into :smile:

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Hope someone can assist. As it is Christmas, I get paid early this month, 23rd instead of 28th. Will Monzo know this from when my work get sent the payment and it will be available on the 20th (as the Friday is the previous working day) or will I have to wait till the 23rd?