Greyed out …

Hi everyone

First time using the community! Quick question as my anxiety is at an all time high - I’m due a payment on Friday and one on Monday. I got all my income transferred to Monzo last Monday - I could have swore I seen incoming payments greyed out last week but nothing this week yet - have I looked too early? Any info would be great! Thank you :blush:

It depends on how the company that’s transferring the money to you pays you. If they pay via BACS then there’s a likelihood you’ll see it ahead of time, if not, then you won’t see it until it’s in your account.

Hold off worrying (if you can) until the day it’s actually meant to be in your account, and then contact whoever’s sending you the money first. :slight_smile:

As soon as Monzo receives notification that money is incoming they will show it in your feed. Until then they can’t say anything or help any further because it hasn’t hit their system yet.

You need to check with whoever is sending the money that they have the correct details and when they’re planning on sending the money.

If you are due extra money sometimes companies will do a manual payment via faster payments which won’t show early, but if you’ve previously been paid by this company into your monzo account then if it’s most likely an issue on their side if it doesn’t show up by tomorrow.

If your old account is still open then at worst it should end up there instead?

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