Early payday - does it show in the morning or at 4pm?

Hi. I changed my bank details at work to pay me via my Monzo account from this month. It says at 4pm on the day before payday (which is tomorrow) you will get a notification saying you can have your pay early. However many others have posted saying in the morning of that day the payment shows it in your transactions saying you can have it at 4pm… Is that right?

Asking as when I go into Monzo now at 3.40pm there is NOTHING showing, but my pay is due tomorrow… If someone knows, please let me know. Thanks.

That might mean you get paid by faster payments and not BACS

It should have appeared about 9am

This will only appear the day before if your company pays you via BACS. If you’re paid via Faster Payments, you’ll receive it tomorrow

Last time I was worried and the grayed out feed came just around 9am and u can cash out at 4pm on the dot. My payday is tomorrow so will keep an eye out at 9 am or B4 for the feed

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