I have tried to sign back into my Monzo app. Not getting the email link as icloud has decided not to work. Tried web portal but same issue. Ive emailed help but not getting their email as yep it’s my icloud email.

Are you using the same E-Mail that you signed up with and have you checked your spam folder?

Apple service status shows no issues on iCloud. It could just be delayed due to volume of traffic. Have you checked your spam? What do you mean iCloud has decided not to work?

i had a similar problem a few weeks ago and found that deleting all of the previous magic email links from previous sign ins was successful in getting an email magic link that worked :slight_smile:

Hi. It’s fixed. Just icloud is useless. Just wouldn’t update. I hate apple! Basically icloud was not receiving emails on web browser or multiple email apps. I think Monzo need to look at a 2nd email address. I know this is not their fault but if my primary email is down then I can’t get into my account!


I don’t use my iCloud account but never had an issue on gmail if you’re wanting to try a different email