Log in security link email not being received

Please help. No access to my app for 2 days says sending link but it’s never received? Latest software and app but still doesn’t work?

Checked the junk folder?

Yes :frowning: Turned phone off and on again deleted and reinstalled the app. Can’t think of what else it could be?!

Who is your email with? Gmail or…?

iCloud - all other emails are coming through and I’ve just set up a community account for this and this verification came through straight away? Doesn’t seem to be sending the link from the app?

I have certainly just got through a magic link email from Monzo for Emergencies, so broadly everything is working

Are there any special characters in your email address (e.g. +)?

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Have you created an alias?

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No special characters and no alias

Then help@monzo.com and see if they can get to the bottom of it

No reply Since yesterday morning I’m on day 3 with no access getting stressed now

Can you login at web.monzo.com ?

Try calling the number at the back of the card.

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Can’t log in there either and phoned them and they’re not sure either and said to check with apple regarding mail first which I’ve now done. Was hoping someone had a similar issue and had an easy resolution

I found this, which seems to have been a similar issue with icloud, although the “fix” is unclear: