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I’ve been trying to log onto my Monzo app for 24 hours to make payments to my bills and I haven’t recieved one magic link email even though I’ve sent it about 50 times. It’s not in my junk or inbox? Can someone help I’ve emailed Monzo help with no response either.

Who is your email provider? There have been a number of instances, particular to a couple of them, where emails are being sent to a black hole, just have a search of the forum.

It’s my iCloud email. I’ve emailed support and can’t get any reply because maybe iCloud is not liking the Monzo address! I’ve tried to make it vip and I’ve tried to sort it out of the junk with no avail!! I really need access to it to pay my rent due today and I’ve called them a number of times - ready to tear my
Hair out

Check your icloud email in a web browser, not via an email app. The web version has a separate “spam” email folder that’s hidden to apps.

Edit: And when you do, check the emails from Monzo and set the sending address (I think it’s to your safe senders list.


Still nothing on the laptop.

What a nightmare

Whenever people report magic link email issues and they’re using icloud it is exactly as @tbutz described. For some bizarre reason icloud don’t have the same spam boxes on the app and web version of their mail client.

If you can’t find anything for just search ‘monzo’.

If not then there’s not much else we can do on here so you’ll have to contact Monzo via phone or email :slight_smile:

Make sure you’re looking on the web , not the mail app on your laptop.

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