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Hi there, I’ve recently got myself an account with Monzo so I would have a separate account for gaming and trading online, for some reason when withdrawing the money from the Matchbook Exchange they sent me an email saying Monzo refused the money. Why is this? Is there any way of making it possible to get the money to go back into my Monzo account? Please help. Many thanks

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Reach out to Monzo via the in-app chat. Are your account details correct on Matchbook Exchange?


Yeah all details are correct, I did reach out to the in app chat but no answer yet so I thought someone here might know

Did they specifically say Monzo has refused to take the money, or are the betting site refusing to send the money to Monzo and have just not explained themselves properly?

When I used to gamble i found out the hard way that most of the providers have a policy of returning money to the card it came from. So they’d force me to send it back to a card I didn’t want it to go to (some of them accept credit cards as well, so if they are forcing the money back onto a credit card and giving you a positive balance then that’s a problem).

Some of them were able to manually override this rule but many refused. Those rules are all to do with money laundering protection.

If it is a case that Monzo are refusing to receive the money then I don’t know why that would be. If it’s that I’d recommend emailing


Small typo in the email in your post.


Haha, Momzo sounds like a good shout for a fake feature request. Like Monzo but only available to North American mothers.


This is what they said in the email they sent me:
“It seems that your bank cannot accept refunds back to your Mastercard from online gaming sites.”

I’m a bit confused as to why that would be since there was no problem in depositing with said card.

Very strange. I’m assuming that you haven’t turned on the gambling block, seeing as you deposited from that account.

Unfortunately there’s not much more help we can offer on the forum, other than wait for Monzo to get back to you

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No I’m sure I didn’t turn that on as I didn’t even know you could do it.
I’ve been waiting for the in app chat to reply since 11.30 am so I reckon I need to get in touch with them some other way, probably email.
Thank you all so much for your help :slight_smile:


Hopefully someone gets back to you soon :+1: The customer support team are pretty swamped at the moment, unfortunately. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I would allow a day or so at the moment, but they are hiring aggressively. Should be back down to hours in the next few weeks…at least it’s better than hold music!

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I am attempting to go Full Monzo but am unfortunately encountering some problems. I have instigated a current account switch but on attempting to instigate a joint account switch I have been given a “Computer Says No” response from Monzo who said their systems can’t cope with more than one switch at the same time with the same bank (it’s just an account name & a sort code to a computer surely). Their current solution is to wait until the current account is complete or manually re-direct joint account direct debits :flushed: I have to switch asap as my current bank provider is discontinuing the current service. Has anybody else encountered this problem?

If it’s a technical limitation on either monzo or your previous banks end then there is nothing that can be done unfortunately.

Did customer service advise you that you have to wait or do a manual switch?

If it isn’t a Current Account Switching Service limitation, then you can suggest that monzo work on allowing both switches at once , as that makes sense for slot of people, start a new thread in the feedback section of the forum.

It’s def a technical limitation (aka bug) at Monzo.

Yes Monzo customer service advised I had to wait or do manual switch (& unfortunately sounded a bit “Computer Says No

I thought this was the feedback section !


This is a topic in the Monzo Chat section. If you have a suggestion, you can create a new topic in


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Just guessing but might be due to a CA being required to have a JA and can’t risk the JA CASS going through quicker as it’ll fail.

Just checking: Are you trying to switch from a joint account to another joint account or from a joint account to a personal account?

Joint -> Joint. Monzo have said their systems can’t cope with concurrent account switches (I’ve also got a Current -> Current switch in progress). Due to my current banking service being discontinued I have to find an alternative so I’m now going to have switch elsewhere. I will be trying Starling so I’ll be running Monzo (current) & Starling joint) side-by-side on a live full banking trial.

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