Chargeback refused

So, I made a terrible mistake in depositing money to what I believed to be a genuine gambling company.
I deposited over 3K to a company last week in a few hours, the transactions were paid to a complete different company who didn’t use the gambling merchant ID and are based in Ukraine.

After my deposits I attempted to withdraw my ‘winnings’. I was told I needed to verify my account but was unable to do so. Alarm bells sounded and I read reviews on this so called casino and everyone experiences the same. Impossible to withdraw.

I have contacted the company by email and live chat and when I ask questions regarding their license and why they are using a company in Ukraine to disguise themselves they disconnect me.

I have provided this evidence to Monzo yet they say they cannot do a chargeback as I paid the money and once Monzo pays the money they is nothing else that can be done. After looking at Mastercards guides it states a chargeback can be done if the service is not provided. My argument is that the service they offered is nothing like what I received. They are not even registered to operate in the UK.
Monzo are refusing to attempt a chargeback. Where can I go ? So upset and hurt :disappointed:

A lot of casinos require ID especially if they couldn’t self verify you or if it’s a large amount

That’s fishy, How did you even find this casino?

I’m not sure where this falls since if it is a gambling company you can’t really chargeback due to the t&cs and their was probably hidden contracts you signed by joining.

Did monzo fully understand you

Why are you requesting a chargeback and not reporting fraud?

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Bank transfers are nothing to do with MasterCard. Was it bank transfer or card payment?

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From Monzo’s point of view you’ve being provided with the service. You gambled the cash and got winnings with whatever company it is.

As for them not paying out that’s a different issue, it’s certainly not a chargeback reason. Who governs the site if it’s not the UK. You’d have to see what they can do if anything.

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Thank you. It was card payments. I’ve getting passed around all different employees and not really getting anywhere:(
They say it isn’t fraud as I made the payments

But the service hasn’t been received. That’s what I’m trying to explain, the full service I signed up to is where funds can be returned. Its not possible to do. I understand what you are saying though:(

I’m devastated

Might just be me but that doesn’t sound like a service a casino provides.

They provide you the ability to gamble which you’ve done. It’s not within Monzos remit to get your winnings from a company. All you can do is ask though and then try different avenues.

Sorry. I mean funds can be withdrawn if available. I had and have funds I am unable to withdraw

But by what you’ve said, it was? You deposited and gambled?

Did you win big? Is that why they won’t let you take it out?

This is not within Monzo’s remit. You spent money to gamble, they allowed you to gamble, ergo the service has been provided. The fact you are unable to withdraw your winnings is not relevant to Monzo or to the original transactions.


They provided the service, like I said getting the funds back is a separate issue. Unfortunately you paid for a service (gambling), you was able to gamble therefore service provided as said.

Some shady casinos are known to refuse if you win big. Unless op lost everything and wants his money back

Nowhere to turn to. They are not licensed and ignoring all comms.
Over 5K is sat there and I can’t withdraw or speak with anyone:(

I’m pretty sure all up casinos must be licensed so unsure where you’ll stand

Nope. I believed they should be licensed too but they are not.
Over 5k sat there unable to withdraw and all communication just ignored:(

Did you accept a bonus? That could be why you can’t withdraw

What made you do 3k straight up instead of like a small amount to test the casino? I’m just curious

Since they appear to be dodgy af it might be worth getting a new card so they don’t raid your bank account

It’s saying you haven’t confirmed your email or number on the picture imo