Issues with Refunds to Card

Has anyone else experienced issues with merchants trying to refund back to your Monzo card? A betting company has tried 2/3 times to send a payment to me and every time they are showing me receipts saying payment not authorised and have said they might have to send a cheque as a result. I have been told they have always had issues when it comes to refunding back to Monzo and Metro, anyone know what the problem is, seem to get refunds everywhere else??

Get the payment references off them and ask monzo to escalate it in the app chat and find out the root cause.

It can take a few days but from experience they can normally get to the bottom of stuff like this.

If you don’t mind to share what monzo say over here so we can help people in future.

I did send them the receipt from their card machine saying payment not authorised, they don’t seem to know save for giving me a phone number for the merchant to call although merchant told me Monzo and Metro always problems refunding.

Ah I thought you meant online refunds.

Maybe try both chip and pin and contactless.

Does it show up in your app as declined?
And does the receipt have an authorisation code on it?

Nothing in app.

Don’t think so the vendor has sent me the receipts they just key in card details to process a refund but guy said always had issues paying to Monzo and Metro.

If monzo aren’t seeing anything then it’s not hitting their systems, it’s likely that the betting company needs to update their systems to say that Monzo’s BIN number is a legitimate one,

BIN numbers are the first 6 number on your card that each bank has a unique one and likely their refund system isn’t updated with new banks.

I would send an email to their customer service explaining that their refund system may need updating, also if the email gets to the right person then they may be able to see if it’s a different reason that it’s getting declined.

Also email with the situation and the copy of the receipts if you have them.

I think I have a similar situation. I am waiting for a online refund from H and M. They told me I will take 3 days. Although the 4th day has passed and no refund.