Fraud Transactions through BET365!

I just woke up to around 15 transactions of £20 each from BET365 and I immediately reported them for fraud through the app, and blocked my card. Even after blocking, I can see more transactions appearing on the app from the same gambling merchant but luckily stopped as card is frozen, so someone is clearly using my details to make fraud gambling transactions.

I called Monzo and the guy said he is new and doesn’t know about refunds or what to do and to leave it with the fraud team who are an independent 3rd party. And he also said he doesn’t know if I’ll get the money back, which totals £275. The money has already left the account!

Any advice on what I can do please to get this money back?


You’ve done everything you need to do. You just need to wait to hear back. Posting here won’t speed up the process.

If the person you spoke to doesn’t work on fraud, then they won’t be allowed to tell you that you will get your money back. If they say yes, and it turns out that you’ve just given your card details to your mate and are aware of these transactions - the fact that the person on the phone has said ‘yes’ before investigation will leave Monzo in hot water.

The reality is, if your card has genuinely been used without your permission you will probably get your money back. You just need to wait.


It would be a case of waiting for Monzo’s fraud team to get back to you, this would be via in-app chat.

From a customer service standpoint, he shouldn’t really have mentioned being new and unsure, but gone to knowledge base articles or referred to internal support.

A waiting game unfortunately

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Report it as fraud. Then wait. That’s all you can do.

Thanks for the quick feedback all! I’ll of course wait for the fraud investigation to complete, but just wanted to see if anyone had other/similar experiences and could potentially share what outcomes they had (speed of refunds or fraud investigations etc).

I think regulation states they have a working day to give it back, unless they suspect it wasn’t fraud/you were at fault.

My guesstimate is you’ll have the money back by midweek.


Search the forum. You’ll find plenty of previous examples.

We have no idea how long this will actually take, but what @Revels has said above is a fair guesstimate.

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It’s very stupid of them to use your card in bet365 as they are pretty good at checking id etc so they will also take it very seriously.

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if the bet comes in, maybe they’ll give you the winnings?

Gambling accounts are common.

Reality is, even if monzo do refund, they won’t investigate what who why where when, it’s not worth it.

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Monzo wont but bet365 could be pretty hardcore with the person who had the account with their bans.

Depends if it’s followed up though.

General consensus: here’s your money back, never mind.

I’m always a little skeptical with gambling ones too, often you can see the 2-factor authentication going through the app and such haha, @Carlo1460

It’s probable that under a certain amount they’ll say sod it and refund it as you say