Help logging in to my phone

i cant seen to log in on my phone it says my mobile number is in use and i cant get pass it


Are you sure you’re using the right email address?

yes i am using the right email address

Follow the steps here

Are you 100% sure? Usually you’re getting that message because Monzo doesn’t recognise the email address, so thinks you’re new. Then when it gets to mobile it says already in use, because it’s attached to your account.

i sign up to on a computer but when i go to my phone it wont let me log in to finish it

You can’t join Monzo on a computer.

When did you create your account?

just a min ago

Using your phone, open your internet browser and go to, then tap on ‘Continue to login’, then enter the email address you think is linked with Monzo and submit.

If you receive an email to that email inbox, the email address is the correct one and you’ll be able to tap on the Magic Link button in that email to open the Monzo app.

If an email never shows up - it’s probably not the same email that was used to initially sign-up with Monzo.

What you’re saying doesn’t seem to tally up.

Can you explain exactly what you’ve done and then we might be able to help you.

i have tryed it and it wont tell me do it

Do you mean an email is not received?

it wants my phone number and it says my number is in use

Hang on - have you had a Monzo account at all or is this the first time at attempting to sign up for one?

Stop, take a breath and go back to step 1.

Explain step by step what you’re doing and what is happening.

If I understand correctly:

  1. You’re on your phone?
  2. You’re pressing sign in?
  3. You enter your email address
  4. You receive an email
  5. You click the link in the email and then it asks for your phone number?

yes that what it is asking butr then it say my number is in used

Perfect :slight_smile:

The problem is that you’re not entering the same email address that you registered with.

Think about what other email address you could have used and then try that :slight_smile:

yes i have account i get the girl walking around

i only have one email

So with the background video of the girl walking around, do you have a blue ‘LOG IN’ box at the bottom?
If you do, tap on it and correctly enter your email address and tap on ‘CONTINUE’ - do you then see the ‘Check your email’ screen?

At this point, an email from Monzo will be received in the inbox of that email address UNLESS it is being filtered out as junk or spam. The email address is a random one, with domain, so some email services may see it as dodgy. Check Junk/Spam, etc.

i have done that and then it gets to the mobile number and say its already in use