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I am having trouble going on my Monzo app after updating my phone. I get a code sent to my number but when I enter the code I get a message saying the phone number is already in use. How can we fix this? Thank you.

It sounds like you’re entering the wrong email to log in with. Please use the email you used when you created your Monzo account.

If you restored your phone from a back up, or transferred your data to a new phone it’s worth deleting and reinstalling the Monzo app, too.

The app thinks you’re creating a new account, that’s why it’s asking to authenticate your phone number. This happens when people use emails other than the one linked to their Monzo account (the email you created the account with).

Thank you for attention but my e-mail is true. They send me mail. If I give wrong e-mail address, They couldn’t an e-mail, right?

Hello my email is correct I have checked couple of times. I get an email and click the link which takes me back to the app to enter my phone number and I get sent a code. When I enter the code it says the phone number is already in use. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app and it is still the same. What else do you suggest? Can you somehow fix it manually?

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You need to click ‘Log in’

You don’t have to enter your phone number to log into an account.

If the app is asking for your phone number, it means you’ve incorrectly clicked to create a new account.

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Wrong. Think about any other email addresses you own and try those.

As everyone above has said, if it’s asking for a phone number then you’ve entered an email address that isn’t linked with an existing account.

The only other thing I can think of is if you’re trying to login with when you signed up as or vice versa, for example.

As others have said, the app will only ask for your phone number if you’re trying to log in with an email that’s different to what is on the account :bulb:

If you can’t remember the original email or want to get it updated, just send an email to the team at, with a selfie of you holding your photo ID next to your face. In the email, let us know the new email you want to use and the phone number connected to your account and we’ll get it updated for you!


Log in using to check you are using the correct details.

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