Cannot login into my new phone

I have just got a new phone and I am trying to log into my monzo account but it keeps telling me that my phone number is already in use?

I have logged out my my account on my old phone and it still comes up with that error.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Try using the same email you signed up with. A few people have had this issue this week and each case has been they’re entering a different email to what was signed up with.

it doesn’t usually ask for your number. It emails you a magic link.

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Hi Amy & welcome :wave:

You’re likely using the wrong email.

Go through the steps here (4th section):

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I am using the same email? and it’s still not letting me log in?

Sounds to me like you’ve clicked the create an account rather than login button?

no I clicked the login button…

Double and triple check, because you are using the wrong email

As it doesn’t recognise that email, it thinks you’re new, which when it gets to the mobile number stage, it says there’s already account with that number.


Was your old phone an iPhone and is your new phone also an iPhone and have you restored a backup from your old phone to your new phone?

If yes, delete the Monzo app, restart your device, download & install the Monzo app and try again.
The Monzo app can be sensitive with restored data on new iOS devices.


Amazing, this worked! thank you!


Good to know you’re up and running with :monzo: again!