Can’t access my app

I can access my app account i type the mail than its ask me for my phone number than its showing me my number is already in use any advice please

think you might be using the wrong email address when you try to log in - check you are using the email address you opened the account with when you type it in to the app

Thanks buddy i try already it’s doesn’t work again i send mail to monzo help mail with my ID and my photo but they didn’t answer :man_shrugging:t3: Any other way to access it? Thanks in advance

thats all I got :man_shrugging:…if you type in “wrong email” into the search bar on the forum here you will see how many users are adamant they used the correct email address , but didnt …

As said above. If its asking for your phone number it’s because you’ve entered the wrong email address so it’s taking you through the account creation steps. This is why you get the error that your number is in use.

You will have signed up to Monzo with a different email address. Have a think and try with that instead


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Thank you

My phone got restored I forgot my email address password and my monzo app is with it what should I do

Contact Monzo your email provider.

Go through the recovery steps with your email provider to restore access to your email account. Presumably you have lots of other services connected to this email address so it is important that you regain access for those too.

Monzo can only change the email address on your account to something else and it will require you going through all sorts of verification.

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This is what I’m getting how do we resolve this

If it’s saying number in use then you’ve likely tried to make an account rather than logging in.

Hi Sarah & welcome :wave:

Follow the steps in the link below - also note that users have had problems with the app where the app (and cached data) have been restored from an iCloud backup. If yours has, best to uninstall the app, restart your device and download/install the app from scratch.