Have Not Skipped the Queue After Inviting 3 Friends

I’ve invited a few people to join and more then 3 have used my link and signed up while I was with them. but my app is showing not notification and I cant pass the referrer a friend page


This has been reported a few times, take a look here for some context :slight_smile:

Cannot see my place in the queue

EDIT: Ignore me.

I’m not sure this is quite the same issue. Now that Mohammed has invited his three friends, he should have skipped the queue & be able to make the initial deposit + order the card straight away, AFAIK but he’s not being given that option…

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Probably needs some more clarity as to whether he has deleted the app, redownloaded, and logged back in etc :thinking:

no I’ve not deleted the app or signed out to sign back in.
should I delete the app and re-download the updated version

@Jamillion could you please give this a go? If that doesn’t work, it might be worth sending an email to help@monzo.com (from the email address you signed up with) to ask them to look into this.

Please do share the solution, once they’ve sorted this out for you!

I’d give it a go. I know it’s not a fix, but it could be a potential workaround to get you your card quicker.

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Hey @Jamillion ! Apologies for this! It does happen from time to time. We appreciate you spreading the word :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll get this sorted for you now.:+1:


sorry guys for been a pain, planning to travel next weekend included using this card so I’m trying my best to get as many people on board to get it released earlier. So its not an issue that can be fixed by downloading the app again. I’ve also obtained the email addresses of friends that used my link to join but not showing on my referrals

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your a hero Naji, I’ve confirmed my details and top up.
any ideas on delivery time or is this something that’s not tracked by you guys?


@Naji brilliant all sorted. I have the delivery date for 8th Feb
amazing on response time, keep up the good work

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Check out the topic with tips for using Monzo in the country you’re visiting, from the list here, if you haven’t already -

Have a good trip! :beach: :snowboarder:

@Jamillion Ah no worries glad we could get it sorted for you! Have a great trip :grinning:

Hi Naji, I am having the same issue. I have referred 3 friends that have signed up but I have not been notified on the app. Trying to get the card released as soon as possible. Please help me sort this. Thanks!!

I have sent a req to my friend and he registered using the link but I did not get the bump as promised :frowning:



@reshad I’ve sent you golden ticket via private message, so you can skip the queue. This can also be resolved by emailing support at help@monzo.com, but golden ticket seems like less hassle! :slight_smile:


hi @Avishai thank you very much. This has worked :slight_smile:

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Hi @Naji,

I have the same issue - I have invited a friend who has signed up, yet I haven’t been bumped up in the queue. As I’m travelling in a couple of days I am really looking forward to my card :relaxed:

Any chance you can help me sort this out please?

Many thanks!!

Hi @Nat1, I’ve sent you private message with golden ticket, it should skip the queue. Claim it and refresh app, you should be on next step. If not, please email help@monzo.com, as Naji is on holidays this week. :wink:

Hi, i think I’m having the same problem here. I’ve had a friend sign up for the promised 4000 position boost, but I haven’t actually been boosted.

looking forward to using my card for some travel soon - and I’m more than happy to have friends sign up to boost me, but if it’s not working then i dont want to ask them, y’know?

Any help hugely appreciated.

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