Cannot see my place in the queue 3

(joey) #1

Hi there!

Could i get some help please. I’ve downloaded the app, gave my details and have invited 3 people. Now it seems to just be stuck on the invite screen. I’ve tried to deleting the app and reinstalling twice, but it does the same thing?

Many thanks

(Naji Esiri) #2

Hey Joey!

it’s nothing to worry about, you’re in the queue :raised_hands:

We’re just running tests at the moment which mean some people can see their waiting list number and others just see the ‘follow three friends’ screen until they reach the top of the list.

You’re seeing the latter :slightly_smiling_face: Feel free to pm me your e-mail address if you’d like me to check you queue place!



I cannot log in to Monzo
(joey) #3

Hi again,

im sorry how do i send a pm, i cant find it on the forum!! or am i being stupid!!


(Zainab Khan) #4

Hey @joeyjoe1981! I have sent you a PM. If you head to the top right, to the icon where a photo of you would be, you can access the message from there. :slight_smile: