List of non-Mag Stripe ATMs

A fair few countries have a high proportion of mag stripe ATMs, which currently our card will not work at. We’re working on this, but in the meantime, it would be great to create a list of ATMs which do work in those countries. Please add places you’ve successfully withdrawn cash in the past and I’ll add them to the list :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Everyone should now be able to edit the list of ATMs directly :tada: Thank you @tristan!


New York

San Francisco

  • Westfield Metreon - Bank of America


  • Airport - Bank of America

Franklin, NC

  • Wells Fargo Bank - drive-thru

Dayton, FL

  • Hilton hotel - Daytona Beach ATM



  • CBA


  • Postbank


  • Kunsgri (Bank of Ayudhya)
  • Citibank - no local charges


  • Permata Bank
  • BCA
  • Maybank


  • Seven Bank


  • HSBC
  • Citibank
  • CTBC Bank (中國信託)- Usually found in 7-Eleven. 100TWD charge. A small proportion of these machines use mag-stripe and therefore aren’t usable.


  • KCB (KCB Bank Kenya)
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In Bulgaria (Sofia), I was able to use Postbank and Банка ДСК (Banka DSK) but not UniCredit BulBank

Thanks @jamese! I’ve added to the list :slight_smile:

In Thailand so far I’ve used Kunsgri (Bank of Ayudhya) they have yellow bank machines.

There are a few that don’t work. I will try to get the names and update.

Thanks @ross_o - super useful information! I’ve added that to the list :slight_smile:

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In the Netherlands, Rabobank ATMs don’t seem to work. I’m not sure if this is due to the magstripe issue though…

I’ll be in Portugal next week. All ATMs and almost all POS over there are managed by a single company,
Apart from large retail stores that probably run their own integration with SIBS everything else is pretty much standard, so I’d say either it works everywhere or it doesn’t. But since prepaid cards are common over there, my guess is it will.

I’ll give my mondo a go for the week and will come back with a report. :wink:

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@leah have just used my mondo to withdraw cash in Bangkok at Citibank with no issues. Another plus, they don’t apply any local charges that all the other Thai banks do :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


Report from Portugal:

It does work on the ATMs (they are all from the same operator SIBS) and it does work.
Asks it for a PIN (that can be more that 4 digits, not sure if mondo card can have longer pins tho) and once you’re in you only got the option for withdrawals (which was expected).

Funny thing is that after the transaction cleared (no longer greyed out) if displays the correct location and a Somewhere in location. but since I suggested the correct location manually not sure if this is because once it clears there is more data, or is my update contribution. :thinking:

Fails: So far in two different merchants on two different shopping food courts (on in Lisbon other in Coimbra) where they use on of those handheld GPRS Ingenico card machines it says the card is not supported immediately, does not even ask for pin.
Then it asks the merchant to use the MagStripe and then is does ask for a the PIN, but once entered says the bank was not online and fails. My take is the even if these readers do validate transactions on-line they sometime fallback to offline, so they only take cards that can do offline as well (if this makes sense?)

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Another piece of information: I got a number of those 2factor auth readers (like Barclays Pinsentry) for home banking from different banks. I can use any other bank card in any card reader to at least verify the PIN. But when I use Mondo card in any reader if reads “card not supported”.
Maybe Mondo card is using some new EMV protocol or handshake that is not recognized but some older card readers, including some handhelds at merchants?

The 2FA readers are using Chip Authentication Program. You would be right that Mondo cards do not support this (almost nobody outside UK banks does) but it very likely has nothing to do with your particular EMV/ATM issues.


I see. So the CAP application is a separate app in the card. I though it was an extension to the EMV app itself.

btw - I was just in yet another food court of another shopping center and in this particular shop the POS (probably from a different issuer bank) yield an more verbose error that the shopkeeper identified as the Mondo card being a Credit Card and not a regular Debit Card.
He had another machine just for credit cards, but asked me if I could use a national debit card instead, as he would be charged higher fees with the other reader. I ended using a local debit card, so I don’t know if it would work.

So far in Argentina and Uruguay everything worked, will report if I find issues!

In Indonesia it was a real struggle to find a compatible ATM. Managed to find one that works and that’s …

  • Permata Bank
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In Japan the only bank I’ve found that works with Mondo is Seven Bank, the banking arm of 7-11 (yes, 7-11 runs a bank). You can find them in any 7-11 store, which are fortunately so common that I once found three on the same street.


Found another working bank in Indonesia. BCA works and is a relief considering they’re almost everywhere. :smile:

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I’m currently also in Indoneisa and lots of the ATMs are mag stripe but I did get cash from a Maybank one so that can be added to the list.

A map that collects data on where people have successfully withdrawn money using Mondo could be an idea? (Maybe this has been mentioned before…)


Now that would be a cool project i’d love to do if I was working at :mondo:!! :smiley:

and an ATM button - take me to the nearest supported ATM to my phone location

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