Travelling with Monzo: Europe

Travel tips and advice on using Monzo abroad from our high-flying community!

Travel Tips

  • There may be issues making withdrawals from mag stripe ATM’s if your identity has not been verified or you have not enabled mag stripe withdrawals in the app.

  • List of non-mag stripe ATMs (Worldwide)

  • We’d advise where possible, to pay and withdraw in local currency rather than GBP to avoid additional charges!

  • In any instance where you are asked to select card type when making a payment via terminal or ATM withdrawal, select Credit.

:blue_heart: - Significant issues
:yellow_heart: - Works with some limitations
:green_heart: -Generally works as expected, no major issues reported

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:blue_heart: Bulgaria :bulgaria:

[details=Summary]* Works at:
-Post Bank ATMs
-Fibank ATMs

Known Issues

Monzo will not work at any merchants where Unicredit Bulbank (Bulgarian United Bank) or Raiffeisen Bank terminals are used. Users receive a ‘Card number invalid’ error message.

  • Will not work at:
    -UniCredit Bulbank ATMs
    -Raiffeisen Bank ATMs
    -Investbank ATMs
    -Central cooperative bank ATMs
    -Société Generale Expressbank ATMs[/details]

:green_heart: Czech Republic :czech_republic:

[details=Summary]* Other information
-Merchant data may not be accurate[/details]

:green_heart: Denmark :denmark:

:green_heart: Estonia :estonia:

:green_heart: Finland :finland:

:yellow_heart: Germany:de:

[details=Summary]* Works at:
-VGF ticket machines

  • Will not work at:
    -RMV and DB and some S Bahn train ticket machines
    -Some merchants only accept cards with EC logo
    -EDEKA supermarkets

:green_heart: Gibraltar :gibraltar:

:green_heart: Greece :greece:

:green_heart: Hungary :hungary:

:green_heart: Iceland :iceland:

[details=Summary]* Will not work at:
-Reykjavik Coffee Roasters in Brautarholt, Reykjavik[/details]

:green_heart: Ireland :ireland:

:green_heart: Italy :it:

:yellow_heart: Luxembourg :luxembourg:


More information needed!

:yellow_heart: The Netherlands :netherlands:

[details=Summary]* Works at:
-ABN Amro ATM’s
-Jumbo, Albert Heijn supermarket chains

Known Issues

Many smaller stores are Maestro only.

  • Will not work at:
    -ING ATM’s
    -Rabo ATM’s
    -Coop Supermarket[/details]

:green_heart: Norway :norway:

:green_heart: Poland :poland:

:green_heart: Portugal :portugal:

[details=Summary]* Works at:
-Multibanco ATM’s[/details]

:green_heart: Russia :ru:


More information needed!

:green_heart: Slovakia :slovakia:

:green_heart: Spain :es:

[details=Summary]Known Issues

  • Will not work at:
    -Automatic toll booth machines

:green_heart: Sweden :sweden:

:green_heart: Switzerland:switzerland:

[details=Summary]Known Issues

  • Will not work at:

:green_heart: Turkey :tr:

[details=Summary]* Works at:
-Garanti Bank ATM’s

Known Issues

Location and merchant data often inaccurate or incomplete[/details]

Safe Travels! :earth_africa:

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