Referred friend got card before me


I signed up about 10 days ago. It’s been stuck saying 1-2 weeks the whole time. I referred a friend the day I signed up. I haven’t reached 3 referrals so wasn’t able to jump the queue, but the friend I did refer got a notification today and his card has been sent. Yet I’m still waiting. How is this possible, and when will I get an update? His app let him see his place in the queue but mine doesn’t. Just 1-2 weeks, still.

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That does seem a strange!

It sounds like when users are referred to Monzo they skip the queue (this is what happens when a user’s sent a golden ticket), whereas you haven’t.

Monzo is testing displaying the queue vs not so don’t worry, you are still moving through the queue just as quickly as users who can see their place -

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Hi @snappyfool that’s really odd, sorry :frowning:

I’m sending you a DM with instructions to fix it :slight_smile:


Thanks @hugo. Last night I received five notifications that my card had been dispatched. Today I received two cards in the post. I honestly wonder whether I will get 3 more tomorrow. What should I do with these spare card(s)?


you can send me any spares. Message me for details (p&p reimbursed)

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you can give them to your friends - if anybody wants them - get them to sign up into the app and then on the waiting list page do a three finger swipe - not sure left or right and it will let your friends top up the £100 and register the card to use it

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There is at least one way to get to the top of the application list if you do a little research. I found a money saving website that offers priority applications. I applied and received my card next morning.

It’s really not that hard to find, but no mention of it on this open forum not sure if I should link to it :hushed:


Thanks. while the electronic ones are good the ones printed on gold card look impressive


Yeah Bob publish the link here :wink:

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Well, since you insist…



That seems unfair to me - the millions of people who read MSE get access ahead of those who don’t? Plus Monzo are paying MSE to allow their readers to skip the queue?

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I would very much doubt Monzo are funding MSE for this as they are already no way near profit making, if anything the other way around. Most likely there is no money going either way and it’s just an agreement for marketing sake.


If you check the MSE page, the link to Monzo has an * by it - this means that it is an affiliate link and MSE are paid each time it is used.

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Not all the time though, as it states “sometimes” so it isn’t a blanket case, but I understand where you are coming from. Some clarity from Monzo here would be useful. @Naji perhaps?

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