Payments tab custom layout?

I’ve just been testing the new layout for the Home Screen and liking what I see - the customisation options are great!

I was wondering if there were any plans to bring this customisation to the Payments tab too? It’s gotten a bit of a clutter lately with new things seemingly being added to the top - pushing “favourites” down to the bottom of the page. It would be really useful if I could move this favourites box to the top - especially as it is the only thing I ever actually use in the Payments tab!


I really hope customisation isn’t how they fix the tab!

That’s just leaves it a mess of a UX for those of us who can’t be doing with customisation.

Surely the joy of customisation is to leave it as is if you’re happy with the design, and for those who aren’t, shuffle away?


And if you’re not happy with how it is?

I’m not opposed to customisation. Just make sure the default layout is good too.

Revolut does the customise solution to the problem of clutter, and you know how I don’t get on with their app over it.


I took it as the layout would stay as is, with the option to customise if you wish, but yeah revolut sorta strip everything away now and let you build your own and add what widgets you like.

The monzo payments tab is dire though, too much in there I don’t care for.

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Am I being stupid or has the balance after bills gone? When I had direct debits due it used to come up on the screen with my balance after my direct debits come out. Why has monzo taken this feature away? The new box feature of “left to spend” just tells me what balance I have already rather deducting the direct debit which is due to come out

Double-tap on the Hot coral card area to get to the account details - it’ll then show the £xxx left for yy days indicator.

Unless I’m misinterpreting the issue.

Thank you. But the bar with the after bills still isn’t showing. Unless it’s because my first set up of direct debits haven’t come out yet?

I think you could be right in that if the DD has never been taken it may not be forecasted as up and coming and therefore will not be included in the left to spend calculation. Maybe worth checking if it is marked as a repeating transaction…

You can check the left to spend calculation by tapping the left to spend spotlight and looking at the breakdown which includes:

Starting balance

  • Total Money In
  • Total Money Out
  • Total Upcoming

= Left to spend

From the main overview ‘Home’ display,

  • Tap on your profile icon (top-left)
  • Tap on ‘Settings’
  • Tap on ‘Monzo Labs’
  • Ensure ‘Hide ‘Left to spend’’ is disabled/off

Yeah that was where I first looked but it was off. I contacted Monzo chat and they looked into it and it was as I thought… they said because my direct debits have just been set up and new it will calculate after the payments have been taken so the AI can calculate it as a regular payment, so by September it should calculate as normal lol

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