Overview in Monzo Labs

Hey everyone,

Popped into Monzo labs today and saw that there was a new option for Overview to replace the current home tab.

So far I love it, and wanted to see what everyone else thinks but there was no thread.

Anyone else tried this out yet?


Search would of provided for you :upside_down_face:




Actually, I think part of the issue here might be the forum itself.

I’m not sure if anyone else is having the same experience, but because this particular discussion has been pinned it doesn’t appear on the homepage at all.

You have to click through to the Making Monzo section to see it. Obvs searching before posting would be best, but the forum doesn’t help.

I’m in the category view FYI.


I would change banks if this feature was pushed live.

There is no one page overview of my finances that we have with ‘legacy mode’. I want a quick way to scan all my cards totals and subtotals in my pots. Used to be able to pull down on a card to get to this extremely useful page. Now pot totals are merged between my cards - this is extremely bad UX and misleading. My cards are separate for a reason. And to hide pots information behind a carousel instead of a one page scroll is terribly frustrating, and the design is hard to read.

Further changes that have decreased the UX of Monzo are that - Your stacked cards visually merge into one. Multiple taps required to change from the default ‘manage’ tab to change to the ‘feed’ tab. Tapping my card no longer swaps to another card, have to swipe through all pots to get to the next one.

This is the best place to put your comments as the team are actively monitoring it! :slight_smile: If you want to remove it temporarily:

Go into settings, monzo labs and turn off app evolution or whatever the setting is called

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