Exporting spending data on Android

(James Bentley) #1

How do I do this?


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Search on Android
(Alex Sherwood) #2

Assuming that this feature will work in the same way as the iOS app’s, you’ll need to be able to search (to select the data to export) before you can export. Search is one of the items that’re due next on the roadmap :thumbsup: & I guess Tristan or Naji will let you know whether or not exports will be included in that release, soon :wink:

Here’s how it works in iOS (although the design looks a bit different now) -

(Naji Esiri) #3

@jamesbentley Hey! We may add a basic version of Search to Android in the next few months, but it probably won’t include the export feature unfortunately :frowning:️ That’ll be a little further down the line :slightly_smiling_face:

Monthly Spending Comparison

I’ve just received my card today and whilst I’m generally impressed so far, it is bitterly disappointing not to have an export facility for expenses on Android; and no sign of one in the pipeline. This does adversely affect my overall opinion quite significantly.


Even in the basic Monese app you can export data into a PDF or XLSX file by custom date ranges to create your own statement

(Naji Esiri) #6

@nobankercol Hello! I appreciate your feedback on this, and will be sure to pass this on the product team too. At the moment it’s a matter of prioritising which features we feel are most important to add to the Android app, before we launch as a bank in a couple of months. There’s a lot of ground we’d like to cover! As a result of this adding the export feature has dropped down the list a little, but we will of course come back to this, once the simpler search function has been introduced.

(Aaron Moses) #7

I’d like to add my preference to adding this functionality (if it was on the Trello board I’d vote). If I can gain access to my spending data myself then there is a lot I can do with the data myself ahead of a large range of features being added to the app (budgeting, projections, spending trends etc). Better access to my spending data was probably one of the most important features I was looking for (current banks really try to keep your data from you). Is there an API I can use to access this data while waiting for the feature in the app? Thanks.

(Alex Sherwood) #8

It sort of is - here - it’s part of the search feature.

Yes, you can login here https://developers.getmondo.co.uk/api/playground. You might even find that one of these apps formats the data in a way that makes it easier to work with for you…

(Asher Jacobsberg) #9

Is there any ETA on when this is coming to Android?
Being able to use Monzo for expenses is really handy, especially with the way it categorises things, but if I have to retype every expense into our accounting software it’s unusable.

(Asher Jacobsberg) #10

Having a Monzo account that I could log into via a browser and could export from there would also be fine, but as far as I’m aware there’s only the Android (or ios) app, right?

(Alex Sherwood) #11

It isn’t on the product roadmap yet I’m afraid.

(Alex Sherwood) #12

Yes that’s correct, there’s more discussion about a web interface for Monzo here -

it is planned but again, it’s not yet on the product roadmap.

(German Munoz) #13

Hoping this might at least make it into the roadmap. Feels really strange to have this on iOS and not Android. Exporting transactions is something I’d find really useful.

(Alex Sherwood) #14

This is only part of a feature so it doesn’t have it’s own card on the roadmap but obviously it’s a big deal!

You’ll be happy to hear that the Android app is due to be at feature parity with the iOS app by the time the rollout of the current accounts it complete though :boom:

(kimbo) #15

Hey team and fellow Monzonites,

iPhone users appear to have the ability to export their payments to Excel in csv format - when can we expect this on Android, or am I not looking hard enough on the app?

Can’t seem to find it anywhere!


(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #16

Hello :slight_smile:

That’s not in the Android app yet. It will be eventually (on the Current account platform mind you) :slight_smile:

I believe you can message the in-app support team for a copy of your transactions - I’m sure somebody can correct me if I’m wrong! :smiley:

(Elvijs Sarkans) #17

+1 for prioritising this feature. I was going to test the Monzo card as my main expenses card for a month, but the lack of transactions export is a blocker.

(tom) #18


This would be a deal breaker for me

(Tim) #19

Export to a range of formats is indeed a deal breaker. Being able to log in to a browser on my PC for this would be ideal. I use QIF format and also CSV as a backup for when my finance packages fail to import one of my bank’s QIF formats. I use these: GnuCash and HomeBank.

(Kavi Dhokia) #20