Transferring the data?

Hey there, just received my Monzo card today! Very excited! Have heard so much good stuff. I am travelling a lot this year so really chuffed about the little to no transaction fees.

I am currently sitting here doing my taxes and was wondering if there are plans (or maybe already in place) to some how transfer the information on our spendings that we can see on the app into an excel or numbers sheet. I am free-lance and keeping tack of all the spendings and separating out business from personal can sometimes be big hassle. As the app is already keeping track it would be amazing to transfer the info? Thoughts?

a quick search in the search bar for Exporting Data shows at least 6 similar suggestions

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Hi Meriel,

If you’re on iOS…

In the app, click: Spending > Outbox :outbox_tray: in top right corner > Export (data for current month, or for all time) > Choose file type (CSV or QIF) > Choose how to send to yourself (mail, text, etc.), and send!



Export to CSV would be what you want for this, it’s already available in the iOS app under either spending or search.

If you’re on Android, it unfortunately appears as if export is a little way out on the roadmap.

If you’re a developer, you can get all of the data you might want out via. the API!

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Thanks, will check it out! Could make my life so much easier!