Search on Android

(Ash Kierans) #11

As many have said, any king of search functionality would be amazing!

Like you getting to the point of needing to scroll through many many items now. Lots of very good points, particularly those from @Avishai

I’d like to see man of those functions as they would mirror the iOS app.

Also the idea of using Chips within the search field similar to that feature I’ve sign in iOS when it converts keywords to a selectable / removable object. Not sure if I’ve explained myself very well!

Edit: Added link to Chips component on Material Design for anyone who doesn’t know what I mean :slight_smile:


Looks good! Although, one minor thing: It looks like you’re missing the X from the search view used to clear the search


Would I use it? Most definitely.

(Emma Guy) #14

Oops this is an earlier version of the design and I didn’t spot the missing X! It is there I promise :smiley: And I think having emoji search work in this implementation should be possible - they’re just text after all!

At the moment there are other features (like the Pulse!) we’d prefer to do over a full, iOS-like search. Not to say it definitely won’t happen in the future though. Doing a simpler version first will also help us learn about how people use the feature so anything more can be even better! :100:

(Marcel W.) #15

Yay!! Android is catching up with IOS :cocktail: :confetti_ball: :fireworks:


It’s on its way, apparently, albeit a little slower than many of us would like. Mainly because of the need to prioritise Android full account functionality - which to be fair we would like even more, I guess

(gary) #17

Yep, I’d use it… Probably mainly to search by merchant. Being able to click through from a transaction into all transactions by merchant (as mentioned by @sde1000) would be nice, but typing the full merchant name is a reasonable long cut in the interim.

But any search would be great!


Yes! I’d use it all the time for searching by merchant or for special items like the crowd funding or golden tickets. Nice one, simple and to the point. :ship: it!

(Emma Guy) #19

I promise you the 3 of us couldn’t be working any harder to catch up than we already are :slight_smile:

( surohpotsirhC - The thinking man's Troll) #20

Having seen the amount of updates on the Android platform over the last few months I can attest to that. It’s not my main phone but I see the updates coming in.

(Alex Sherwood) #21

The team’s averaging 1-2 features each month for Android :thumbsup:


Ow, Emma, my post wasn’t a criticism. You guys cannot be responsible for things that didn’t happen before you were appointed!!


Search functionality would be great.

(Marcus Nailor) #24

Can’t wait for the search function! :smiley:
By the looks it’s going to be incredibly useful… Will it allow for the searching of cards / events? I.e. If I search for “Golden” will it result in my golden ticket notifications? :slight_smile:


Will it have a Lowenstein differential algorythm or require perfect spelling?

(Emma Guy) #26

I haven’t heard of that algorithm - that’s a really cool idea, thanks! Likely the first version will not have it, something for us to think about though

It’s a little more work to search for the non transaction feed items but probably worth doing yeah - otherwise it’s probably a bit frustrating!

(Kavi Dhokia) #27

Search is coming soooon :mag:

You can search using pretty much any information within a transaction.
Other feed items – non-transactions (e.g. Golden Ticket) – are not currently searchable but will be in the next iteration.

Tapping on ‘Number of payments’ within the transaction details screen will show you all the results for that merchant/person.

Arguably most importantly, emoji search is included! :100:

Tickets aren't searchable
(Alex Sherwood) #28

That looks great! Are the totals from the retrieved transaction’s summarised in this iteration?

(Kavi Dhokia) #29

The summarised totals are not in this iteration, but they may make it into the next one which shouldn’t be too far behind.

(John) #30

How soon we talking here :stuck_out_tongue: …soooooooooooooooo much want for this feature :smiley:

although it sucks the android app lags behind IOS… love seeing the frequent updates in the play store, will be gutted when they’re on power with one another and the updates become less frequent haha