Monthly Spending Comparison

(Eve) #1

I tried looking on the forums to see if this has been suggested before, but the suggestions aren’t quite the same.
It would be nice to see a separate tab at the bottom bar/ in the spending section where we can view each month’s spending report and compare them easily by swiping left/right between months instead of scrolling down to each individual month to find the spending report, and I’m always worried I might delete it by accident. I know you can export it to view it, but I would like to be able to do this in-app.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Just to check, are you aware that you can swipe right on the monthly totals in the spending tab, to see the previous month’s spending breakdowns? I find that this is the easiest way to compare my spending between each month.

This is a bit easier to spot if you haven’t enabled Targets, as you’ll see part of the name of the previous month next to your total spend for the month -

Image from this blog post.

(Eve) #3

Oh, I didn’t know that was a feature! That should help a lot esp since I can swipe under each individual category, now all I need is a pie chart/ graphs comparison of some sort. I’ve gotten used to using a separate money tracking app that I can just swipe and hold two months up to compare them on the same screen!

Your format looks a little different from mine, are you using Android? I don’t have the category/merchant divide so I need to click on a transaction and navigate from there. Don’t have the bit where it tells you “+£40 vs avg”. That’s neat!

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Pie charts probably aren’t on the way but as I mentioned here :arrow_down: you will have access to more comparison tools soon -

That sounds pretty handy though, is there any chance you could share a screenshot?

That screenshot’s taken from an iPhone (which I use too). The comparison with the average spending has gone now but if you top up the same amounts each month, at roughly the same time, you can use the pulse graph (also explained in the blog post) to compare your spend at this point in the month with previous months. According to the roadmap, that’ll be ready for Android users too :soon:

Lastly just to mention, there is an option to export data into a spreadsheet for more analysis which is on it’s way for Android as well.

(Eve) #5

You can select the months you want to compare and alternate between a graph/ pie chart and view it in detail. It doesn’t allow you to specify stores as efficiently as Monzo does, though you can enable location tags and user tags, and see how much you’ve paid each person etc. It’s definitely more personal so you can customise the categories/ icons to your own preferences eg I have 6 different categories for shopping and only one for groceries, but my friend shops at two specific grocery stores and chooses to dictate a category for each one.

*Edit: these charts are taken from various “wallets” I have so the amount changes- I have four: My existing bank, wallet, Monzo and PayPal. I use it to track how much I transfer to my wallet/Monzo as well.


Wait… what…

Goes and checks…

Er… iOS only again ??


What app is this ??

(Alex Sherwood) #8

Turns out the Spending tab scrolls vertically, rather than horizontally on Android :astonished:

(Eve) #9

It’s called Money Lover. I’ve paid £6 for the full version which allows you to add more “wallets” but you can try the free version to see how you like it

(Theo Gregory) #10

Hey Alex, any update on the reworking on the categories? As a student, it would be really useful to see quite how much of my loan is being magically converted into vodka :cocktail:


Hi, is there any way to change the periods for comparison? I get paid every four weeks not monthly so it would be great if I could align the spending comparisons to my pay periods.