Android/API Export Transactions

Hi guys!

You have an awesome product. I was just wondering, any ETAs for being able to export spending on the Android App like you can on IOS one?

I want to integrate Monzo with my budgeting tool, and I would really need that

If this is built in the same way as the iOS functionality, then I expect the feature will be available when search is developed (to do an extract, you have to search for the data you want, then choose the option to export it).

I’m afraid that’s currently in the 6-9 months list of the roadmap.

In the meantime, you can get to your transaction data via the API, if you’re comfortable writing / working with script.

There’s a few apps that have been written by 3rd party developers, using the API, that let you view a list of your transactions too -

Thanks for the reply, it helped a lot because my budgeting tool is YNAB and there were some resources that helped.

I was able to set up a small stack using your webhooks that did exactly what I wanted!


That’s awesome :tada:

If you can find the time to share more details about what you set up &/or the code, to add to that repository, I’m sure it would help other YNAB x Monzo users! :raised_hands:

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