Bank transfers in different currency messy procedure


I recently had to make a bank transfer payment in US$. However, it turned out to be nowhere near as simple as it should have been. The first issue was that I couldn’t just enter the US$ amount to the recipient, I had to mess about trying to match the GBP amount that would most closely match the amount of dollars I had to pay. Please, please make it so that you can enter the amount you want the recipient to receive!

The other issue I had was to do with the reference max characters - so the transfer would not complete - but there was no clue/feedback on the form. I eventually got it sorted on the phone with customer support but can we please make the procedure so we can do it in a couple of minutes, rather than half an hour or so including support phone call!?!

I would like to second this! :arrow_up: I have mentioned this when I’ve given feedback through the in app chat when I first joined Monzo. It seems like it would be such a simple and obvious thing to change that would make the whole process a lot less frustrating when you are still trying to find the precise amount after entering in various £s and pence for the 15th time to try and get the exact amount of the currency you want the recipient paid in! Because it’s just very rare that I know of anyone wanting to transfer the exact equivalent of, for example, £10 abroad - I have only ever needed to transfer an exact amount in US$ or Euros! Hopefully it will change soon! :smile::smile:

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Yes I have come across this when I have tried to send an exact amount in euros. I’d love to know the rationale behind this setup.

If I have to send someone an amount in a foreign currency I should just be able to choose that amount instead of guessing how much it is in £ repeatedly until I get it right.


This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here: