TransferWise / International Transfers Feedback

And the fact that it doesn’t pull through your existing recipients from your Transferwise account, meaning you have to manually enter all the details every time - but then when you do it creates duplicate recipients in Transferwise (which you still can’t see in Monzo).

I don’t think it should have been released like that.


Personally I’m all for minimal viable product and agile releases. Being able to send directly from my Monzo was a big win for me… A few pain points at the moment… But no show stoppers.

Will be good to see it evolve :slight_smile:

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No, it’s a good thing that things are moving and I’d rather have it than not.

I just think that the minimum level should have been a basic screen that shows your Transferwise recipients and allows you to quickly select and send to them, all from within Monzo. That’s what I was expecting.


I still don’t even have access to the screen :roll_eyes:


Neither do I

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Nope not yet, no screen no IBAN

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Sadly using transfer wise as the only way to make payments means I can’t use Monzo for my international transfers. The intermediary bank I use in the states requires that transfers be done from an account in my name via a SWIFT transfer, neither of which can be done with this setup. I appreciate the beauty, simplicity and cost saving of using transfer wise for typical international payments, but as an everyday current account need the features banks offer currently (such as SWIFT) in order for this to be my main account. Even if those features are an optional route that is reprioritised over using the transfer-wise default. I also need a real IBAN. Great work on it, but I don’t think international transfers are really “done” until we have at least the features that other banks offer.


Still don’t have this screen :thinking:

Mine only appeared about a day or so ago, not that I have any plans to use it.

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I just realised this was available and it’s such a great addition!
I echo the already mentioned points:

  1. Being able to set what you want the recipient to receive and calculate what you need to send automatically to cover the fees is crucial. Something that the transferwise web does really great.
  2. Getting the list of recipients from Transferwise will also be a nice addition. It would even be more amazing if Monzo showed the contacts that you already have in Monzo that have transferwise linked to facilitate it even more.
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So interestingly yesterday when I opened the international transfers screen I got a notification saying that TransferWise was down for maintenance and therefore the screen wasn’t available. However, after I pressed okay the international transfers screen still loaded. The only obvious difference was that there were only 2 currencies.

Stil… don’t… have… this :roll_eyes:

There’s a slow rollout and then there’s slowwwwwww

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It appeared in my app and I’ve sent $$ to aus and had a confirmation from recipient within 24 hours… excellent!

I would work on the basis that if you want it… ask for it.

I think they are taking it super slow (and they probably already have enough people on it for now).

Supposedly there is more functionality coming to it as well - But yeah, definitely ask for it if you need it.

Will you be passing on TransferWise new fee? Or will that just affect their borderless account?

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Lazy git :joy:

For reference - This is the fee @anon40728597 is talking about.

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It just effects their borderless account.

Once I make a TransferWise payment, I can’t see the details of the account it was sent to, only the name. I gave Monzo an IBAN (for another account I hold), but it doesn’t show up when I tap on the transaction, unlike for a Faster Payments payment. This means I can’t e.g. repeat the transaction or even know for sure where it’s headed (I have more than one account in the same name, because I have only one legal name but more than one currency I hold…)

Edit: Likewise the destination account doesn’t show up on the list of recent payment things on the payments tab.


I definitely want to ‘Up Vote’ this. You can only specify the 'send amount and not the ‘receive amount’ which means if you want an exact receive amount you have to work out the send amount after interest rates and fees - Pain! I’ve resorted like Paul to using TransferWise in a browser.

Also, the ‘Reference’ field ought to be a required field. The default says ’ sent from Monzo’ - I missed this now I’m not sure if my Transfer will complete. I also can’t amend or add a reference.

You can vote for this feature here: