Enter amount in foreign currency - International transfers

Yes, yes, yes!

Any plans to implement this? A friend who I had convinced to sign up to Monzo had to make a payment in dollars the other day and when going to do the transfer spent ages trying to work out what the amount needed to be in pounds in order to convert it. Surely this isn’t hard to implement if the code to calculate one way is already in there?

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They were badly advised. Tell them to use TransferWise directly. It works so much better than Monzo.

I’m surprised there are only 26 votes for this. It’s the only logical way of doing it!


I guess the vast majority of customers don’t have a need for international transfers :man_shrugging:

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I think the voting system works to a point on here, but a lot of the time I think that some suggestions get hidden away and only get more votes once they resurface.


It seems to be up to 35 now.


I’ve been a happy TW user for many years. I needed to pay someone in euros today, so I thought I’d go via Monzo and presumably save the step of having to do a separate bank transfer.

Linked the account OK, everything looked good, but then …

Unless I missed it, I couldn’t find how to send an exact amount of Euros (I wanted to pay someone €1000). In native TW, you just overtype the “received” value and it calculates backwards.

So, I ended up going back to the TW App.

Surely this is a key function

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Key function for a service that is built around transferring money.

Not sure it’s key function for a bank. Nice to have definitely.

Yep. You’ll be able to re-order pots soon, though. :+1:

It is a missing key function imo. When you are sending euros to someone they don’t say ‘send me about 100 Euro’. They ask for 100 Euro.

It is really strange this STILL has not been addressed.

I just use TW directly. Monzo misses out on commission.


I don’t think any other bank that deals with international payments would only allow you to send the £ amount and not select the € amount.

Plenty of experience with international payments myself.


I found it weird as well, and I would prefer to use Monzo for my international transfers instead of third party companies, as they charge more for a transfer than Monzo.

Yes, indeed. I too have sent international payments. :man_shrugging:

Just used TW from Monzo for the first time today.

For Monzo being supposedly so UX focused I’m surprised this isn’t implemented! Please fix this Monzo!!!

I guess they viewed this as a lower priority? Presumably they can see some stats around the volume of international transfers. Anyway, I hope they implement it in the future, but it’s not a ‘fix’ as it’s not broken… :wink:

If HSBC can get this right, Monzo can. How hard can it be?

It’s a question of priority rather than difficulty, I suspect.

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Still nothing more on this since Nov '19??