Enter amount in foreign currency - International transfers

Yes, yes, yes!

Any plans to implement this? A friend who I had convinced to sign up to Monzo had to make a payment in dollars the other day and when going to do the transfer spent ages trying to work out what the amount needed to be in pounds in order to convert it. Surely this isn’t hard to implement if the code to calculate one way is already in there?

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They were badly advised. Tell them to use TransferWise directly. It works so much better than Monzo.

I’m surprised there are only 26 votes for this. It’s the only logical way of doing it!


I guess the vast majority of customers don’t have a need for international transfers :man_shrugging:

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I think the voting system works to a point on here, but a lot of the time I think that some suggestions get hidden away and only get more votes once they resurface.


It seems to be up to 35 now.

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