⏰ Integrated cashback / rewards scheme

If it did, I don’t remember (or it was before my time).

The only “voting” that I recall, was the Trello roadmap that was live until a few months ago.

I agree with you on the forum side of things - But the way it works now seems to dilute everything (I’ve only seen maybe 30 votes for something so far).

Given the last 2 “big” press releases from Monzo have been the Big Issue integration and Credit Card integration… Both of which were Monzo Time projects (so, as far as I’m aware, weren’t even on the Monzo roadmap until a staff member decided to give it a shot), perhaps someone from Monzo could decide to take on the top voted idea (within reason) and it could be a “forum exclusive” type thing.

Or more realistically, they could suggest X, Y and Z for things they “could” create, and see what people wanted.

Basically, I’m all for ideas being shared if they are potentially do able, but as soon as you out the onus on the customer to think of the idea, it becomes littered with dreams and hopes.

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I can already hear those dreams and hopes crashing and burning :hot_face:

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Your avatars are so similar, I’m not entirely sure you’re not the same person :joy:


Has anyone seen me and @nickh on the same thread at the same time?


Clearly I’d take the money if it were freely given away but I think there are more important things to look at first. I also have the impression that this isn’t something the business is a fan of.

Implementation is an issue too. I’ve not seen anything mainstream for specific stores that doesn’t require in-app attention and opting into. If that’s what we’re talking about then I’m even less interested. To much effort for me for pennies (although I’ll consider it for large purchases).

Scale is an aspect too. Talking about a customer base of 1.5 million spread across the country, what can the providing businesses expect to get out of it in terms of footfall increase? Without that being obvious, where’s the incentive to offer anything (with the costs of managing such a scheme etc.).

I think cash back is like pay rises. They’re always nice but they’re never enough so wide scale customer satisfaction is also questionable in my mind. Do people really change their behaviour en mass because of these things? Clearly some do but what proportion?

Potentially, a lot of effort for a limited return.

I get your point, but I do think it is a somewhat useful way to gauge what customers might want. Many pieces of software have a similar process with a feedback site which users vote on and then the most voted on features will get a response which could end up with an implementation or even a reason as to why it is not currently possible.

I’d be the first person to apply or use that product - I’m a fan of the idea (I’m not a fan of the voting).

I’ve “retailer offers” with my current Credit Card - can get some good deals, but I have to activate it, then I have to use that Card, and then wait a month for sometimes a few pounds or pennies to drop into my account - it just isn’t intuitive. Same with cashback sites, I don’t want to have to click through 5 different links to spend the money I already was going to spend.

Completely agree here, in the grand scheme of things, Monzo is a “little fish” and won’t be offering much different to the other players.

This is where there could be a shake-up, however, whether that is possible and feasible with Monzo is another story, which leads to:

I just don’t see it on Monzo’s radar for a while - a long while.

I think you all need to look at Airtime Rewards offering:

It is similar to Flux in that if you use your registered card it just works.

There are quite a few big retailers on there and the list is growing all the time. I have been greatly impressed since joining at christmas.

Is there a delay between purchase and cashback reward?
Yes of course there is, in order to make sure you dont return the purchase item within the 30 days returns period which is 100% acceptable

I like the votes… it gives a measurable voice to things that arent on the roadmap and theres no such thing as too much quantitative data is there?

Does it resurrect dead threads? maybe but id argue is that a bad thing? circumstances change and what wasnt achievable or financially viable a year ago can be the opposite in the future.

Maybe a stickied response can be attached to threads response from monzo once a thread reaches a certain threshold.

I would love this and accept it may be alot to take on at the moment but it would be a real USP

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I think voting for features in its current form is good since it allows Monzo staff to easily see what the Community want, even if what they want isn’t currently feasible. Yes, there will always be long term ideas or ideas which Monzo can’t or won’t implement with loads of votes, but so long as people know that it is just a guide for Monzo and not a guarantee that features will be built I think voting is good community engagement.

Voting might also bring small things that were mentioned on release or labs threads, but seem to have slipped under the Monzo radar, to their attention. For example, setting a target date for pot goals, adding notes to transfers on iOS and entering international transfer amounts in foreign currencies. If Monzo created a new Trello map equivalent these ideas could still be lost and never reach the map.

I do like your idea of the Community voting every few months for one of a few features for Monzo to try to build, but I think that could work well alongside the current voting system not instead of it.

NB: maybe this “is voting a good idea” discussion should be split off into its own thread.

AppleCard, now N26 … few fin techs are trying to gain a competitive advantage by allowing cash-back schemes that offer customers 2-3% cash back on the items they buy. Does anyone feel this could be a possibility for Monzo to look at in the future?

Possibly but I think an integration is more likely

I moved this over to the main thread to keep all the discussion in one place


+1 vote for me!

Just vote at the top of the thread :grin:

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Not seen anything in this for a while. Any updates on how :soon: this might be rolled out?


With points now being paused I would say not anytime :soon:

The quest for profitability through plus and business accounts will sadly continue to be the main focus for the next while

Another project shelved… :roll_eyes:

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What would be different in a few years time?

Out of interest, how do people find super old topics, and then quote a comment from 6 months ago as if it were a recent conversation?

I can barely remember what I had for breakfast, let alone what I was thinking about in April.

But from looking at what I wrote, I imagine I was talking about the fact that Monzo aren’t in the position to offer any “loss leading” products, in the hope that they’ll recoup their money from the customer elsewhere.

I guess it’s one of the reasons that Plus was such a monumental failure, and most people (from what I saw), thought it was poor value.

That being said… I genuinely have no recollection of that conversation, so who knows… :joy:

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Usually it’s presented to them as a current recommended topic or by search.

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