Transferring money to a European account

Hi there, any help would be appreciated on the below!

Say i want to transfer money from my Monzo account to a Danish account, is there a way to make this international payment in USD? At the moment, if i want to send money to Denmark it can only accept Danish Krone.


Hi @Holyboly, not sure I follow?

Do you need to send a payment in Danish Krone or US Dollars?

In the Monzo app, you can send payments in either currency (DKK or USD), although depending on how much you are sending, Revolut and Starling do offer a better exchange rate usually (although the difference is usually small enough for people not to care).

If your Danish Bank can only accept DKK, then I don’t think you’ll be able to get around that?

Out of curiosity, what would the benefit of going from GBP>USD>DKK be in this instance?

Why not just go straight from GBP>DKK?

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