International transfer euros

I want to make regular payments in euros but there is no facility to stipulate the amount sent in that currency only a gbp amount. All my previous accounts have had this option.


Try TransferWise Borderless.


Thanks for the suggestion but I feel I shouldn’t have to look elsewhere for something that is as far as I am aware a general banking facility. For example I have used HSBC and Barclays which provide this as do Starling, I feel it is a serious omission on the part of Monzo.

As @j06 said, Transferwise is brilliant. Hold more than 40 currencies on the app in the same account and exchange between them on the fly. You can also use it for remittance (which is why I got it in the first place. They launched Borderless accounts later).

You’re right, looking at Starling, that facility is offered there. It’s a good suggestion.

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You’re correct. Monzo released a half baked feature which, no doubt, will be improved sometime.

MVP I think they call it.

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Transferwise have a 0.3% fee per exchange - Revolut appears to have 0 zero (assuming transfers are under £5000).

Any recommendations one over the other?

I have used both on a regular basis, however, I have currently settled with Revolut and simply because it is currently charge-free. Payment processing is slower but, unless you have an urgency to receive funds, it’s cheaper.