Do you consider Monzo to be your main account?

As part of the Monzo in the media thread, there’s been a lot of figures released showing stats such as “active” users, growth of accounts which have a salary paid in, and new sign-ups.

I’m interested in results to see how many users class Monzo as their “main” account. Now I could go into the definitions of a main account, but for many people, a main account may constitute different things. For example, a main account for me is where I have all of my financial commitments (including Direct Debits, Salary and main spending card), for others, it may simply be that they use Monzo the most for spending, but don’t have their financial commitments tied into it. It may also just be an emotional thing, where for no logical reason, you just class Monzo as a “main” account.

So, let’s see. Do you consider Monzo to be your main account?
Note: It’s worth mentioning that results may be skewed a little as this is on Monzo’s forum… so, ideally, users who have multiple bank accounts would most likely be beneficial in this vote!

  • Yes
  • No

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It’d be interesting to see why you’ve chosen the answer above, too!

EDIT: I seriously need to go to some polling school for dummies :woman_facepalming: I’ve now updated the poll so that only one option can be selected.

You’ve made the poll multiple options :man_facepalming: You either have it as your main account or you don’t - it can’t be both :wink:


Not to mention the results may be slightly skewed. As all active members of the Monzo community - it is highly likely that the majority would use Monzo more than the rest of the 2,000,000 customers.

I think a better way is definitively defining what you mean as a main account (which I see you’ve done) and using that as the measure - just my 2 cents anyway.


My polling skills need a little work. :woman_facepalming:

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Absolutely agree. I think, however, there’s also a lot of community members here who have 2 or more accounts. So, it’s mainly aimed at those types of users. I’ll update the original post to include that bit!

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Yeah for sure! The line of “main” or “full” Monzo as been one that has been said before - my opinion on it is that it is so subjective it is a hard piece of data to assess - although is always a good discussion!

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Use Starling as my main account with Barclays as a backup for cheques due to the digital imaging but keep Monzo to see how they progress and who knows may come back to use them again

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Moved from salary and DDs at Monzo to salary to Monzo plus adhoc spending and then DDs at Starling.

I wanted separation of committed spend, it’s possible to use pots in some fashion and even committed pots (when they come out isn’t what I want), so account separation is how I’ll handle this.

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100% Monzo for joint and individual accounts and not looked back. It has everything we need so no reason to have another account (except for a credit card).

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And with the expansion of including other credit cards into the Monzo app, this will help reduce the need to visit other apps to track spending! :nerd_face:

Definitely, moved over from RBS and was the best decision i have ever made. :mondo:


I definitely don’t have a main bank account. I use Santander for income and bills, Monzo for daily card spending, Nationwide Credit Card for large purchases and online purchases, Nationwide Flex Plus for foreign ATM withdrawals.

I guess Santander has the largest spend by amount of cash leaving it, but Monzo easily beats it by number of transactions per month.

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Monzo for everything (personal, joint account, salary, Direct Debits) apart from paying in cash and cheques, have kept an old account open for this.

I mostly spend day-to-day on a credit card.

Probably worth remembering this forum is morely likely to be used by people who are passionate about Monzo. Like I have relatives who use it as a spare account but would never even consider using a banks community forum to chat!


Hi @shippers :wave:

Thank you for your first post here! :heart:
Originally, I too used Monzo for everything, apart from keeping a second account just to put money into it.

Since I hardly get paid in cash anymore or have a need to carry cash around, I’ve found I’m not using my second account at all, but mainly keep it open as it’s been open for a while and closing it might reduce my credit score :slightly_frowning_face:

I know that the initial £1 charge to directly deposit cash to Monzo can be a pain, but hopefully, the ability to cash in a cheque with a photo will come soon :crossed_fingers:

I’d much rather they worked on being able to pay in cash using a photo, I mean who uses cheques nowadays? :rofl:

It’s crazy isn’t it. I’d never thought of using a bank’s forum to chat with other users about it! And I think that says a lot about Monzo, where so many people are huge fans of it and love to contribute. With Monzo also still actively engaging with us all and being transparent about a lot things, really help it shine :star:

I think that can be one of the key points of having Monzo. Actively spreading the word and telling other people that it’s not just a bank, it’s a community for all to enjoy :relaxed:

Yes, I consider Monzo my main bank account. It’s where money goes in (Salary) and recurring payments go out (Direct Debits). I do also have a FlexPlus account for the perks, and on the whole do my spending on a credit card for the protection and points.

But it’s definitely my main bank account.

Pretty much. I used to just use it as a ‘day to day’ spending account, transferring across from the account I used to have salary paid into and bills go out of, but I’ve found bringing my salary and bills in as well has worked pretty nicely. Budgeting and committed spending all straightforward enough to use. Very happy

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It’s not currently my main account, Barclays is. But I’m planning to move over and use Monzo as my main account in the next month or two, when graduation faff is over and I have time to sit down, move over my DD’s and get my (first!) salary paid into Monzo. I don’t want to close my Barclays, so not going to CASS it, which makes moving the DD’s a bit of a pain.