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Hello all!

A few of you were mentioning that you’d like to see an official thread where we can keep track of Monzo mentions in the media, and let you know about any appearances we’re aware of ahead of time. So let’s use this thread here :relaxed:

Martin Lewis just mentioned Monzo gambling block!
Monzo in The Times
Monzo launches savings account – Which? News
Tom Blomfield
Tom spotted in the wild
Monzo launches savings account – Which? News
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There’s been quite a lot in the past few weeks (between Series E and Savings Pots), but here’s a non-exhaustive selection:

The Evening Standard, TechCrunch, the Financial Times, CityAM, Reuters, Forbes, and Yahoo covered Series E, but our CEO Tom B warned against thinking of “investment as an achievement” in itself
Mediatel published an interview with our Head of Marketing and Community, Tristan
The Telegraph, TechCrunch and This Is Money covered Savings Pots
– We got a quick mention from Cal Henderson, the CTO and co-founder of Slack, in an interview for Monocle’s Entrepreneurs podcast about how companies use Slack to communicate and build company culture (it’s around the 9 minute mark)
– The Sunday Times style section featured Monzo hot coral (though they called it “Monzo orange” :tangerine::thinking:)
– And, last but not at all least, we were alluded to by someone on First Dates who was enviously eyeing their dinner companion’s hot coral card


Amazing, thanks for this, @Yen. Really useful to see in one place - and will hopefully be super useful for upcoming stuff! :open_hands:


The Sunday Times - Alan Yau (Wagamama founder) favours Monzo



Alluded to on First Dates by Melinda Messenger actually…


Didn’t get a glowing review due to competitive interest rates.


Interesting article here about Monzo APIs and the marketplace (and compliments on / differences to the Starling approach):


A few weeks old, but Hugo (Head of Design) has been talking:


More from Hugo, this time about the origins of the hot coral colour:

How the hot coral card came to be
How the hot coral card came to be
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Just seen this,


The smartphone apps that will change the way you bank


Tom in the Telegraph talking about loans for the less advantaged:

Being discussed in the loans thread:


On high cost loans, i would like to see an option for savers to choose for their savings to fund the riskier loans with potentially a much better return. I’ve always though there was a gap for a socially responsible lending firm who could make good returns and much lower interest rates than the traditional payday loans companies where it was people choosing to take the lending risk. Almost like Betfair for loans.


I think that Chip is looking at this as a next iteration of their product. It’s also the same principle behind Zopa and Ratesetter (more or less).

Interesting idea to focus more on the socially responsible angle though…


Martin Lewis just mentioned Monzo gambling block on ITV1 money show.

Not sure warrants own thread but that’s a great thing to get spoke about on prime time!

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Just before the paywall says Monzo has security guards do they really need this?


Any office building in central London has some form of security, surely? :man_shrugging:

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There was a glimpse of them the other day on monzo’s Instagram story. They have a Monzo Security uniform.


They better have hot coral ties and socks :grin: