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Hi all, I just joined monzo and wanted to say hi. How do you all find the monzo account? I. Currently going to be using it as a second account but if all goes well may switch fully. Is anybody her use it as a primary account if so how do you find it?

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(Marcel Ruhf) #2

Welcome on board :wave:

I have been using it as my main account since January and it has worked very well, no complaints.
Let us know if you have any questions/concerns.

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Hello :wave:

You should introduce yourself here: Introduce yourself 👋 and join the discussion :slight_smile:

(Alan fletcher) #4

I literally just used it for the first time to pay my little woods statement and a received a notification that it had gone through but my little woods account it is not showing up, which it did with my HSBC account. I normally get an email from them when I pay straight away but nothing so I’m a bit concerned as to whether it’s gone through or not.

(Jack) #5

No complaints from me I find it a fantastic current account.

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(Jack) #6

Give it some time to update if you have the notification from monzo and it shows on your feed all should be ok.

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(Jordan Taylor) #7

Welcome Alan!
Moved from Lloyds and haven’t looked back.
I’ve had the odd case where I’ve needed to pay in cash, but have kept a spare legacy account for purposes like this, although Monzo is working on a way to deposit at some point in the future.

(Keri) #8

Hi Alan - welcome to Monzo :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve recently gone #fullmonzo and would fully recommend it.


Welcome :slight_smile:

Even if (/when?) you want to use Monzo as your main account with your salary paid in it doesn’t have to be your only account. A decent idea is to have one account that has a MasterCard and one Visa, as shown by both card providers having little hiccups within the last 6 months.

Then you get all the benefits of having monzo as your main account, but also another account as a backup.


I agree with this but then you can’t really use the Current Account Switch because it will close your other account.

I’m thinking of doing a trial in the new year of changing my salary to go into Monzo and seeing how I go for three months or so, but I’ll retain my legacy account with Nationwide Building Society and transfer money to it for DDs.

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Hello, just joined now.

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Hello. Welcome to the community

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