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Hi all, I just joined monzo and wanted to say hi. How do you all find the monzo account? I. Currently going to be using it as a second account but if all goes well may switch fully. Is anybody her use it as a primary account if so how do you find it?


Welcome on board :wave:

I have been using it as my main account since January and it has worked very well, no complaints.
Let us know if you have any questions/concerns.

Hello :wave:

You should introduce yourself here: Introduce yourself 👋 and join the discussion :slight_smile:


I literally just used it for the first time to pay my little woods statement and a received a notification that it had gone through but my little woods account it is not showing up, which it did with my HSBC account. I normally get an email from them when I pay straight away but nothing so I’m a bit concerned as to whether it’s gone through or not.

No complaints from me I find it a fantastic current account.

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Give it some time to update if you have the notification from monzo and it shows on your feed all should be ok.


Welcome Alan!
Moved from Lloyds and haven’t looked back.
I’ve had the odd case where I’ve needed to pay in cash, but have kept a spare legacy account for purposes like this, although Monzo is working on a way to deposit at some point in the future.


Hi Alan - welcome to Monzo :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve recently gone #fullmonzo and would fully recommend it.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Even if (/when?) you want to use Monzo as your main account with your salary paid in it doesn’t have to be your only account. A decent idea is to have one account that has a MasterCard and one Visa, as shown by both card providers having little hiccups within the last 6 months.

Then you get all the benefits of having monzo as your main account, but also another account as a backup.


I agree with this but then you can’t really use the Current Account Switch because it will close your other account.

I’m thinking of doing a trial in the new year of changing my salary to go into Monzo and seeing how I go for three months or so, but I’ll retain my legacy account with Nationwide Building Society and transfer money to it for DDs.

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Hello, just joined now.


Hello. Welcome to the community

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Day 3 of being a Monzo user and I have never before been so excited to discover this. What have I been doing with my life? I opened an account on Tuesday, used apple pay hours later, got the card the very next day, and set up all the necessary. I love how instant each transaction shows up on the app. Why can’t all bank accounts be like this? I’m seriously thinking of ditching my current account with my high street bank for this. I’ve already tried to persuade a few people to switch over. I’m obsessed. I open the app more than instagram. Thank you !:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’ll wear off eventually. But welcome to the revolution!


lol welcome Carl , who’d have thought people could get so excited for a bank account , Ive been on it for 3 and a half years and Im still happy seeing my phone notification light up before I get the POS receipt :slight_smile:


Hey… I am Arpit. I am working as software developer. Also part time blogger. I love to surf the internet related latest android or iOS technology.


I’m in the US, so don’t have Monzo yet but I hate that it takes days sometimes for a transaction to show up in my bank. In this day and age, it should be instantly there! Especially bank to bank or financial institution to financial institution. It takes sometimes a week to see my car payment go thru. Makes me crazy. :crazy_face:

Can’t wait to get my card here in the States! Hate to leave my little credit union but they may lose me completely when Monzo starts handing out cards. :smiley:


Hey Arpit, welcome to the community

Hope you find it an interesting place to be around

Hey there everyone! I’ve just joined the Community - and I have an interview in Cardiff tomorrow for remote customer service :grin: I’m a bit nervous but looking forward to it.

I was in a local shop just now and got chatting to the chap behind the counter, and the interview came up, he immediately whipped out his wallet to show me his shiny new blue Monzo Plus card! :joy: I worked for one of the big High Street banks for ten years and no one ever felt the need to show me their debit card before :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m hoping it’s a positive sign for tomorrow :grin:


Good luck :crossed_fingers: