What's classed as a Monzo main account

Apologies if in the wrong section.
I’m considering switching an account I don’t use to Monzo and the link on my Monzo account says “Make Monzo my main account” but what’s classed as main account, would I just need to keep it active ?


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Make Monzo your main account refers to using the Current Account Switch Service to switch from your current bank fully over to Monzo, often referred to here as #FullMonzo.

But yes, it’s basically the ‘Switch Account’ button.

If you don’t want to do that, there’s no obligation to do so. You don’t need to do anything special to keep your Monzo account active.


Thanks Chalky.

I’ve also got another account with Monzo I take it this won’t preclude me from switching since it was on my Monzo banking page.

Main Account is different things to different people. For me, Monzo is my main spending account and ‘hub’ for my money. All my income goes into Monzo and all of my spending is done through Monzo.

I still have a high street account open though, and there is no obligation to have only one account. It is infact best practice to have different accounts on different platforms (Mastercard and Visa) should one network go down for whatever reason.


Yeh HoddzDJ I’ve got various accounts (current account and credit cards) dotted around if 1 system goes down.

Would it open a new account ?

You can only have two Monzo accounts. A personal account and a joint account. If you use the switching service it will close the bank you come from and move it into your existing Monzo account.

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Ok thanks, ah so I can’t have 2 personal accounts, that’s a shame but I did wonder if that was the case.

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