Should I make Monzo my Main Account?

Hi guys - been a Monzo card holder since the beginning, and have mainly just used it when going on holiday to Spain (I got 3/4 times a year), and I’m just wondering whether to make the change permanently.

I currently bank with Lloyds and have my bills/salary etc all going into there at the moment. When I lost wrote on here in December, the option to transfer all my Direct Debits over wasn’t possible, is this feature available now?

Just looking for some feedback really and some tips/advice if I was going to make the change!

Thank you :grin:

If you have to ask, the answer is probably no.

You can switch DDMs, SOs and salary manually. Current Account Switching Service is not yet available.

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Hi Tom

You might find these threads useful. A lot of feedback on same question;


Are you looking for someone to give you a push and tell you everything is fine?

Why not start by transferring a few DDs and SOs over? If that works for you, then you can transfer your salary. If Lloyds are offering something you need which isn’t yet available on Monzo, keep the Lloyds account open as well.

It’s not necessarily a binary choice. You can have your cake and eat it (in this case, not on life generally).


I think the better question is “why wouldn’t I make Monzo my main account?”.

I didn’t need CASS as I had very few DDs, so it was a no brainer for me. Salary was moved over and I’ve had no issues.

Edit: that being said - Monzo has been my “main” account for 2.5 years. I just wasn’t able to get my salary paid into it until recently when CA launched.



I guess I’m just anxious to move away from a Legacy bank like Lloyds, I’m still a young man (20), and with little knowledge about banking etc, just don’t want things to go wrong.

I’ve recently just opened a Help To Buy with Lloyds etc etc

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There’s no reason you shouldn’t have multiple accounts that do different things for you. I do.

For my day to day spending, salary and money management, it’s all Monzo.

What are you worried might go wrong?


Okay, but then what would I do with my current ‘Main Account’ with Lloyds?

Could I still keep this active, just in case?

Not sure to be honest, just was after some feedback, and whether people would recommend the change for me.


No reason you couldn’t keep it active. I’ve not closed any of my other accounts - yet! But one is just sitting dormant with no money going in or out.

You could start with transferring your salary and see how you get on. Nothing is irreversible.


Of course you can. I have 3 current accounts, each serving their own use (cash back, interest, etc).

You could just leave everything alone, if it’s working for you.

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You might want to consider if Monzo’s direct debit handling will suit you. If you don’t have enough funds in your account the day a direct debit is due to go out then it will get declined. Most banks give you until 4pm on the same day to move some funds into your account to avoid it getting declined.

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I made Monzo my main account a while ago and I am pretty happy with it. The notifications allow me to stay on track with spending and the UX is much nicer than my legacy bank. I find with Monzo my finances just sort of roll along without me needing to check them as often as I would with my legacy bank as the balance is always correct etc.

I would hold off for CASS and also some DD improvements if you aren’t going to always have the correct funds in your account the day before you DD’s go out

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For me - I’m waiting for CASS. I have numerous DDs which need transferring over - unfortuanately I’m not a young man! :wink:

I don’t blame you. I only had a few DD to move over and one of them failed the first time, although Monzo support sorted it for me within a few minutes over in app chat. So I can see why those with a lot of DD’s would wait for CASS

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I’m with Lloyds, but don’t think I’m ready to make such a huge decision. Been with the bank for 20+ years. Monzo is making banking fun and being ahead of the other banks, but I think having it as a second account is handy, especially when going away. Safety net away from your main account etc.

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Also, before you close your Lloyds account, make sure that you don’t need it either to retain benefits of, or access to, any other products you have with them.

What would you define as your “main” account? For me my main account = where I do most of my spending on. My legacy account is there for large transfers/ backup/ Visa alternative/ overseas transfers. I have been using Monzo as my main card for nearly two years now. There isn’t any pressure to make it your only bank account (Tom and other staff members have said this too) and if you want to have other bank accs for savings/ insurance/ credit etc. that’s fine too.


Agreed. I think it makes sense to keep accounts open. As long as you’re not paying for the LLoyds account etc.