Declined transaction at 'pay at pump'

(Steve D) #1

Not sure if this is normal but my Mondo card got declined at an Asda ‘pay at pump’ terminal.
I had about £30 on the card then put another £100 on about 5 mins before arriving at the pump. I put the card in and it declined before it asked me for my PIN.
Is this because it’s a pre-paid MasterCard or is this an issue?
I just used another card so no issue for me at the time but thought I’d raise it.

If the date/time matters (if there were any backend issues) it was @17:00 25/04/2016


Pay at pump automatically block prepaid cards.

(Steve D) #3

Thanks @Bob I assumed it would be a prepaid card issue but thought it was worth raising.

(John Keen) #4

Hi Tried to use the card at Asda today to pay for fuel at the pump wouldn’t let me is that normal or is it me

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Hi John, I’ve moved your post here to help other users who have the same issue find the information about this issue :slight_smile:

As Bob mentions earlier in the topic, this is a known issue. But it will be solved when the current accounts launch later this year :tada:

(John Keen) #6

Hi Alex
Thanks for the Heads up