Pay at Pump Issues

Has anyone else had problems with self service petrol stations, in particular ASDA? I’ve tried about 4 times at self service ASDA petrol station and everytime it gets rejected. May be down to the mag strip, and as a android user the feat to allow it’s use is not available to me.

Hi Arran! It’s very unlikely to be the magstripe issue. Generally, if there’s a decline due to magstripe, you’ll get a confirmation of this in the app.

The more likely scenario is that Asda have chosen to not allow prepaid cards to be used at their petrol pumps. There are several petrol pump providers that do this. It’s one of the issues that will no longer be a problem after we’ve launched the current accounts :slight_smile:


Ah perfect Simon, thanks for explaining. Can’t wait for the launch of the current account! :grin: :grin:

Yes I have since mid December. I have money in the bank but still won’t let me use it. Also all self serve pumps do the same
In the past I’ve got petrol without money. Just the £1 with no trouble
Strange I agree

Asda or Morrisons (the one petrol station that still seems to be an issue)?

I still can’t use my Monzo card at ASDA pay at pumps in Middleton and Beeston in Leeds. Never even get to enter my pin, I just get transaction cancelled. It does let me print a receipt. Bit annoyed, as this is probably the only reason why I’ve not gone full Monzo yet.

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Hi @Sickboyedd have you via in-app help so Monzo can track down the root cause?

Just messaged them now, which is also a good excuse to use the help function. Very swish :slight_smile:


If you may, let us know if they given you any info on that.

I’ll see if there is an ASDA pay at pump near me…

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I’ve been using ASDA pay at pump with the current account card with no problems ever since I got one. (Primarily ASDA Leyton, but others too.)


New Monzo user here, I read in a thread somewhere that people have used the Pay At Pump at Asda, etc but Tesco remained an issue for some.

I put some money in my account and went off to Asda to fill up my bike. It looks as if they still do the £1 pre auth and then the actual amount is taken several days later as I got a notification instantly from the app saying £1 declined at ASDA and I had to use another card to actual pay at pump.

Is there something that I’ve done wrong my end or do I need to have a certain amount of money in that account before buying fuel or am I just SOL when it comes to using that account for those offline type transactions.


Hi @a_llama_vortex I’ve popped your post in to this thread as it does look like other Asda users have had issues but nothing official yet

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@glasgow Thanks!

Wow, this is a long-standing issue then it would seem :(. Any official feedback on where the problem lays? Seems odd that it works for some and not others, I mean both companies surely have their policy/procedure when it comes to dealing with these kind of transactions and their requirements.

Is it down to the individual card numbers? e.g certain bands are classed as x, whilst others are classed as y and therefore aren’t suitable for offline transactions such as petrol pumps?

Any ideas why the pay at the pump doesn’t work?


Hi @Ark7755 :wave: I’ve popped your post into this thread to keep pay at pump issues together.

Are you just getting a straight decline from Morrison’s pay at pump when you enter your pin and did it come up in Monzo app at all?

Because some pay-at-pump machines charge a final amount a few days after the first transaction, your account could be charged an amount that’s more than your current balance.

This could result in your balance being reduced to a negative figure, which is called an unauthorised overdraft. You would then be unable to use your card until the negative balance was cleared.

We want to make sure that you’re always able to use your card, so we may decline pay-at-pump transactions if there isn’t enough money in your account to cover the potential cost.

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience. You can avoid this problem by adding money to your account to ensure that your balance will cover the maximum potential cost of your transaction.


@HughWells Thanks.

I see, I transferred enough money to fill up but not enough to cover the max amount of £99. If I am reading what you’ve said correctly, as long as I have more than £100 in my account I should be able to use payatpump - assuming the maximum possible transaction is £100.

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That’s word-for-word what was given to me by a COp.

Tut, tut.

It’s also stupid. Why don’t you just say that you don’t want to run the risk of us owing you loads of money?

Will my new card work in pay at pump petrol stations?

As long as there’s sufficient funds in the account it will work