TESCO pay at pump

I’ve tried a couple of times to use my mondo card at the TESCO petrol station in Newbury at the pay at the pumps but it gets rejected before asking for a pin.
Has anyone else had this issue?

Pay at pumps block prepaid cards:

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Ah cool, it works fine in the Morrisons pumps I think, although now I’m questioning myself haha

Mine didn’t work at a Morissons pump last week.

It won’t be a long-term issue since, in the long-term, we’ll be using debit cards from a bank, not a prepaid card. It’s just a limitation of the interim solution that’s currently in places.

Tried at a Pay at pump last week and it failed.

Most debit card chips have a built in offline limit, so a card can authorise an amount upfront, without fully connecting to the bank to check.

Because the pay at pump requires the authority before you fill up, the system currently has no way of working with prepaid debit cards. Bit of a shame, that’s most Asda petrol stations out. But if there’s a kiosk you can make the purchase as normal :grinning:

Is there any update on this please? I tried at Tesco today and it didn’t work… it’s so much quicker to pay at pump so would be great if this could be resolved! (Not on monzo’s side, the petrols!)

It will be resolved by the introduction of the current account as the debit card will not have the same limitations as a pre-paid card

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Starbucks App now works :slight_smile:

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Correct, you can assume that all pay at pump systems will not function with the current Alpha/Beta cards. This is one of the things that will be fixed with the Monzo debit card and current account.


Yes I have had the same issue. Both at Tesco and Asda pay at pump. Sadly the Monzo card won’t work

Known issue as said above. Once the full debit cards arrive there will be no issue. You can however still track spending at filling stations by paying at the kiosk where the transaction will work.

Tried with my current account today at a Tesco pump and still not working :frowning: Anyone have any more info as to why this still isn’t working?


It could be an issue with the cards themselves as they need to allow an offline PIN verification option. As you’re authorising an amount (usually around £99) before filling up, the terminal checks this is allowed before letting you proceed. We would need Monzo to confirm what our offline PIN limit is, and if this can be increased or adjusted for future cards. Sadly, this number is often “baked in” in your cards chip, and may require a brand new card type.


I am aware of a similar issue when another bank released a new type of card. We were told this was an issue with visa or mastercard not updating their systems to recognise the newly created card BIN (i.e first 6 digits).

Visa and MasterCard needed to share these, and there wasn’t much that could be done until then.

The issue was not with MasterCard or Visa not sharing the info the issue was with merchants not obtaining regular updated copies of the data and by failing to update their systems regularly they fail to recognise new card number sequences

Just thought I’d give it a shot and see if anything has changed, but nope, Tesco pay at pump didn’t accept my current account card. This was one of thier new style terminals too.

Nevermind! Has anyone from Monzo commented if this is thier issue, tescos, or MasterCard’s?

Same issue yesterday. CA card and very new Tesco pump terminal.

I thought the debit card should work on pay at pumps as well, but no joy yet. Hopefully Monzo are working on it because the limitation was supposed to be on prepaid cards…

Have you tried the Tesco Pay+ app (used to be QwikPay) to pay at pump or does that only work if you pay at the kiosk?

I normally use the Tesco Pay+ app and pay at the kiosk.

This is down to Tesco who still recognise the BIN as a prepaid card.

When you buy fuel, they do an actual auth for £1 then process the full amount 24 to 48 hrs later.