Using pre-paid MasterCard at self-service petrol station

(Jason Hendriksen) #1

Hi there, loving my monzo card and app but after a successful shop at asda last night the card was rejected when i attempted to use it in asda’s self service petrol station. I assume this is because a prepaid card cannot be pre-authorised like a full fat debit account card?


Your assumption is correct

(George) #3

I have been using the card for almost a month now. The only place that i haven’t managed to use it is in automated petrol stations as mentioned above.

It’s a shame because i was hoping that monzo would help me with my monthly tracking on petrol as well. Am i safe to assume there is no way in the future this is going to change unless Monzo changes the card to a Visa or something?

It would be great if there was an option to choose visa or mastercard depending the needs. I find that with the mastercard there is a small amount of unnecessary limitations. But again i’m not an expert. Happy to hear your views guys.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Don’t worry, as soon as Monzo launches the current accounts (& debit cards), you won’t have this issue any more :slight_smile:


It is NOTHING to do with MasterCard, Visa, etc scheme membership, but due to the card being PREPAID category rather than a Debit card.

Therefore the launch of full current accounts with a DEBIT card will resolve your dilema

(George) #6

Ahh, that makes a bit more sense now! Thanks for the info guys.


And as for tracking your spend on petrol, you can use them in the Kiosk with no problem :ok_hand:

(Alex Mayo) #8

I too experienced this when I was on the M6 toll earlier today. Went to pay however it was declined and had to pay the cashier via a chip and pin reader instead. Can’t wait for the current accounts! :grin:

(Andy Little) #9

I use mine to track petrol. You just have to pay inside instead. It’s a very minor inconvenience in my opinion, though i suspect any disabled users might disagree with me on that point.

In any case the current account launch should sort it out.

(Jakub Koudela) #10

Sainsbury’s pay at pump works fine


No, not at all Sainsbury’s stores.

Kindly advise which store for information.

(Jakub Koudela) #12

Sainsbury’s at hedge end in Southampton. It’s fairly new so i wonder if they have set it up correctly :grin: