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So at the moment we have prepaid cards, which will always seek online auth. This causes issues where card isn’t accepted for pay at pump or certain retailers. Once monzo become a full bank, that will allow closer control of card settings and so could issue offline cards. My question/concern is to enable say pay at pump or to fix retailer issues, will we lose the online auth in a lot of places, and so end up with transactions appearing days after the event, ie we lose a lot of the real-time-ness ?

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I wouldn’t mind losing real-time-ness if it means no hassle and no need for backup card.
Only important part is showing delayed transaction in a good manner. I think date should go when I made transaction, not when it was cleared/processed - and this makes sense for weekly budgeting.
Maybe different colour/background/some symbol, so I can easily spot when scrolling down a few days.

I couldn’t help myself with this gif though…


What if delayed transactions where the norm, and not the exception, which they could be with offline contactless ? I’m with you re delayed vs rejected

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Based on what was hinted at during the open office last night, I’d expect the full Monzo debit cards to act like the existing prepaid cards but with expanded acceptance at places such as pay at pump fuelling systems. This means continuing to push as many payments online as possible. Someone on the team will have to answer on if offline transactions can be permitted but certainly the aim seems to be to stick with as many transactions as technically possible being online.


That’s good to know, one thing I like about my basic account at nationwide is that it does online contactless and works at pay at pump. I’m not sure wether everything goes online or not, but better than bank before where quite a few were offline

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So the new debit cards will be offline-capable but online-preferring. This means they’ll go online wherever possible (for instant push notifications and feed items) but also support terminals which cannot go online. (Where our prepaid cards would currently decline) :slightly_smiling_face:

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When approximately will Monzo become a full fledge Bank? Anyone?..

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Paul (one of the co-founders) mentioned that Monzo could be getting it’s full license within the next 6-8 weeks, at the last Monzo open office so watch this space!

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Do you know if we will still have an instant details of the purchase? My current bank, you have to wait few days until you can see how much you’ve spent. As a prepaid which I just received, i like the fact that I know exactly where I am on my daily spending.

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Hey Jerome, I’ve moved your question here as you’ll find the answer earlier in the topic, it took me a while to find it too :wink:

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Im in agreement with you on this one. Instant notifications of all transactions made is extremely useful unlike the sometimes very confusing so called running balance offered by some High Street Banks and Building Societies, which sometimes lets you unknowingly go Overdrawn, then charge you for the pleasure! I really hope Monzo dosent go down the same road and continues to be and give an innovative outstanding service, especially when the full current accounts go active.
Thanks Monzo.

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