Chip and PIN in the age of Coronavirus / COVID-19

Hi, the Monzo app is asking me to use chip and pin for my next transaction, but the coronavirus risk of much lower if we use contactless. I understand it’s a security feature but surely sound be required at the present time?
Will I be able to continue to use contactless or will the card so working until I use chip and pin?

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It will stop working until your identity is verified by a chip and pin transaction. Banks don’t have the ability to change this on their own. I suspect something like a relaxation in law would be required.


You can avoid using Chip and PIN by tapping for your next transaction.

The payment will fail, but you’ll have the option to enter you PIN into the app (open up the failed transaction in your feed). Once you do that, try your payment again (it must be the same amount at the same merchant) and it will succeed. It will also reset the contactless counter so your card will work normally again.

Alternatively consider using Apple Pay or Google Pay. Those options never require Chip and PIN.



This is news! I didn’t realise that you could now do this in the app. Good job, Monzo. :muscle:

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Card machine is completely ignoring the card, it is like I was trying to pay via contactless with a piece of cardboard… chip and pin working fine

Yes, this worked for me this morning, now re-set. Thanks again.

It’s regulations, its not Monzo’s choice.

That’s a broken card. Our cards don’t enforce the contactless limit, our backend does. If the terminal can’t even read the card either the terminal or card is broken.


I think in Sainsbury’s when I do self checkouts and it fails on contactless (for example when I hit the discussed here limit), the next time I can’t simply tap because the device is asking to insert/swipe card if I remember correctly. So I simply press cancel button on the terminal, the self checkout screams at me saying it failed, and then I press pay with card/contactless and I can do contactless again.

But yeah what proved to be the easiest option is paying with Google Pay, always tap and go.

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