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Monzo have asked me to use chip and pin on my next purchase, i dont feel safe pressing buttons that others have pressed given the current Covid-19 situation… Can Monzo defer this action till the situation with Covid-19 is better ?

Alternatively, use ApplePay (or Android equivalent) if you can. That’s contactless.

They’ve shown no inclination to, because, perhaps, it’s a mandatory requirement.

Your options are to use a glove, a cocktail stick, or similar, or Apple/Google Pay.

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It’s not Monzos decision to make, all banks need to do this now as part of new regulations.

You can learn more about it here:

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I tried Apple Pay after having a message saying use chip and pin on your next transaction.
Apple Pay was declined. Only way it worked was chip and pin.

Ah. I don’t know then?

I set mine up on ApplePay ages ago (before continual occasional requirement for Chip&PIN). I only ever use it via my iPhone now.

Perhaps a security thing. Once you’ve chipped and pinned it may allow you to then add to ApplePay? Not that that solves your original query.

As far as I know covid isn’t spread by skin contact alone, you need to them spread it to your nose, throat or eyes. As long as you don’t touch your face before you’ve washed your hands after touching the chip and pin machine the risk is going to be fairly low, your hands will likely have had exposure by this point anyway think of all the other things you’ve touched (especially with a manned checkout)

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Use gloves. :+1:

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people might contaminate themselves when taking off gloves or touching surfaces.

It’s still important not to touch your face. And only wear them as long as appropriate. Admittedly I wear gloves when visiting the supermarket, but I only put them on when I arrive there, and I remove them and throw them away before getting back in my car.

Regarding removal, here’s one guide on how to do so safely so you don’t spread anything from the outside of the glove to your hand:

Just press the buttons, nothing bad is going to happen, feel free to wash your hands afterwards

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maybe take some dental dams with you and lay it over the keypad

Or just push them with a wet wipe (or tissue) and throw that away. I carry a packet in my packet. I was doing that back before this crisis anyway for similar reasons

You’ve already left the house, encountered other people who may or may not be infected, handled the items off the shelves, used a basket or trolley, touched your own phone and debit card (both of which can carry the virus).

You should already be washing your hands often (like every 30 minutes or so, even it home).

Touching the PIN pad is not going to increase your risk of catching coronavirus.

Most people will be fine if they do catch it.

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But are those in a packet? :grimacing:


Only if the packet in the packet in the packet can fit in my pocket!

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