Chip & Pin

Can Monzo look at how we are having to verify our cards on occasions when using it “contactless”. It becomes frustrating and sometime not possible to do, and sometimes simply embarrassing. It is the ONLY card I have to do this for, is it entirely necessary, as the intention is to tap and go. Not tap and wait, then insert and use your pin? Mike

This is Monzo following the rules that other banks do not.

Sadly the others will have to catch up and this will become the norm.

Use Google or Apple Pay to pay via contactless if you don’t want to periodically enter your PIN.

In what way is it embarrassing?

Possibly shop staff saying “Your card has been declined!” rather than “You’ll need to put your card in and enter your PIN to verify this transaction”. To be fair to the staff, this may be because their terminals haven’t been updated and are not failing gracefully.

It’s mad that legacy banks haven’t been made to catch up yet. It feels like it’s been years now that neobanks have been made to follow these regulations.

OP, Monzo are doing what they are legally required to do to comply with financial regulations. So unfortunately it’s not something they can look at and change. Other banks will have to do the same eventually even if they don’t already.

As has been suggested upthread, if you have a phone you can use Google or Apple pay with, that’s the best way of paying contactlessly without having to do chip and PIN.

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To be fair I too get embarrassed when this happens. I usually say “oh I need to use chip and pin this time” but the terminal just says declined.

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I’m sure someone said that in other countries (I want to say Germany) the message comes up to say that you require a pin after you’ve waved over it, which saves a lot of hassle.

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indeed, ‘contactless and pin’ is a valid payment method in the card network but for some reason not one used in the U.K. much.

I’m not normally worried if my card ‘declines’, 90% of the time for anyone it’s a technical problem with the card anyway, I just try another.