Chip and PIN COVID-19

Can you reduce the number of enforced Chip and PIN transactions to reduce contact please? It takes longer and you have to touch a card reader which may be contaminated.

If you tap again when this happens, you can enter the PIN in app (assuming you have network coverage in the shop).

No, I don’t…

Why do I want to be tethered to a mobile phone 24 hours a day?

Because it answers the issue you have? In the immediate term, Aside from ApplePay etc, that’s probably the easiest way around this. Particularly since there’s no guarantee that anything else will change.


I would think the easiest solution would be for Monzo to adapt and relax these artificial limits during the current crisis. You are far more likely to lose your mobile phone than a bank card anyway. It’s also still quicker to pay cashless with with a card than on a mobile phone app. As anyone stood in a queue behind a load of people trying to wave their phones at a card reader will testify.

Yeah, they’re not artificial though. They’re part of the new legislation in this area.

There is some evidence that they may not be being rigorously enforced at the moment but it’s by no means conclusive.


Hey @Soup_Dragon - this is already being discussed over here:

Where Monzo have confirmed that you can enter your PIN in the app rather than on a terminal to reset the contactless limit:

I’m closing this topic now as it’s a duplicate. Do feel free to continue the discussion in the other one, though!

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