Chip and pin declined after £100; too low with coronavirus

I can see your point view

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At least it was raised from £30 to £45 though I’m sure that’ll take half a year before that’s fully supported. They could have made that much higher imo again. From the stats contactless fraud is basically at nil, which is why the whole SCA thing is a not a good decision in my book. I’m not affected personally, but I don’t like stupid decisions or being stubborn about not changing things for the better if there’s another way.

lol have a word with the EU

In summary EBAs fault, then FCA for not challenging how it would affect UK terminals. It doesn’t help the customer as they were already protected by fraud, so its a lot of inconvenience and cost because someone stuck their hand up in a meeting without thinking it through.

Anyway I’ll shut up now. :zipper_mouth_face:

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Has it always been like that?

I thought Monzo’s previous stance was the authentication needs to be 2 factors presented at the same time.

I’m sure I recall discussion saying in app resets weren’t in line with the SCA from the former really long thread.

Will test that out the next time I get to the cap (in maybe May or June when lockdown is over!)

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I think so. Someone from Monzos payment team mentioned it the other week - I’ll see if I can find the post :slight_smile:

Edit: Here you go:

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My only issue with it is that I have no warning, or remember that I’m near it.

I tapped to pay the other day, I was walking out the shop door and and got called back as it had failed. I knew there was money in there, but thinking about it now, I’m not sure if I used chip the second time or not :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I guess the issue for Monzo is they don’t know when I’ll hit that limit. If I’ve spent £57 and have £43 to go before I need to use my pin, that could be in one transaction, five or 15. And it would be quite annoying to get a “You’re near your contactless limit” every transaction when you’re spending a few quid a time.

at the end of the day which would be better a limit with £100 or £225 before asking to enter your pin, just imagine loosing your card with the higher limit someone would have a field day in this current or any situation, i remember loosing my card a few years back with ulster bank in that 1hr i realise i lost my card whoever found it already spend £119 in contactless payments.


I can say from my experience working on front line that contactless fraud is definitely NOT nil.

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You should get a notification in the app warning you you’re near your contactless limit.

If the terminal doesn’t give you the correct error message that’s because the machine isn’t configured correctly. It’s not something we have any control over.


How does the notification work?

Is it as simple as triggers above X

Or does it average over your last 10 ttransactionsto calculate for example to get an estimate for the likelihood of going over on your next

I haven’t had this the last 2 times i reached my limit. It seems very hit and miss

Probably worth flagging this up via chat.

I haven’t left the house since the lockdown started so don’t have any recent personal experience of this!

It’s always been hit and miss, even before lockdown

No biggie. If it gets declined then I know it’s due to SCA so just try again and enter my PIN

Edit - somehow managed to edit this post with a new reply. Not sure what I did or how I get this one back…

In part that’s the behaviour that the old contactless would encourage - even before SCA though the payment could fail for other reasons even if money was in your account.

If nothing else the new regs reminding people to wait until it’s authorised (customers and shops!) before the leave/move to the next customer is probably for the best.


No, it wasn’t always like this.

Revolut users always had this option, and Monzo’s stance when SCA was first added was that they didn’t think this was a valid way of performing it.

I would guess either they’ve seen that Revolut have had no push-back against this from the regulator, or they’ve received the necessary clarification on how to implement it within the guidelines, so that’s why they added it since.

I always forget I can reset a decline this way and end up going full chip+PIN, though :man_facepalming:

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I didn’t say it was nil, that wouldn’t make any sense to say there was no fraud at all. Of course there’s some contactless fraud. You’ll always have people nicking wallets to try and tap the cards a few times before the person notices, and the rarer people finding wallets and trying their luck. As a customer you have always been reimbursed in these rare cases. What I said was that it is basically at nil, not that it is nil.

So compared to all the other fraud, my understanding is that contactless fraud accounts for less than 1%, as in it’s not significant enough to outway the inconvenience to customers and the cost to implement both banks and merchants by making people enter their pins every now and then.

I would guess since implementing it’s had an insignificant impact on a insignificant issue. :point_down:

The Revolut approach is different though, there (I’m told, no personal experience) you can just enter your PIN in app as a reset at any time. With Monzo, it still needs to be associated with a card transaction since possession of the card is something you’re supposed to proving with this exercise.

Not needing the card to be involved at all is where the Revolut approach has been criticised.


Not my idea (and I’ve been unable to find it to give credit) but when this was coming in a fellow community member suggested being able to open the app, find a card transaction (probably the one that causes the you’re near your limit notification), select it, pich an option to say “that was me”, enter PIN and reset the limit.
Essentially adding the second factor to a particular transaction after the event. Personally O’ve never reset the limit in app as it’s too much faff compared with just putting the card in the machine and entering the PIN but that suggested implementation it one I’d use. Although I fear it may be an implementation that honours the spirit but not the letter of the rules :cry:
Although I’m also lucky that my usage pattern tends to have me using an ATM or spending more that the contactless limit often enough that the PIN limit is reset often enough that I rarely get the surprise of having to enter my PIN.

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